ECOHOY: One - stop shop for environment - friendly lifestyle products

Aayush Sharma,  FounderWe live in an age that is riddled with a number of environmental concerns, which have only aggravated in the last few decades. Neglecting the environment can create havoc and the damage done may become irreparable. Now is the time to deal with these issues head on. This was well perceived by Aayush Sharma who inspired to build a online product portal with an environmental edge to promote a greener and a more sustainable environment.

“While a lot was written and conversed about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, individual contributions are limited to planting trees or not using plastic bags. Unlike many one stop solution apps or websites for home & decor, personal care, health & fitness, there seemed nothing of a single point online shop for people who wanted to lead an environment friendly lifestyle. I felt it was the right time to integrate environmental causes with the social and economic fabric of the society. This fuelled me to build '' to provide green and sustainable alternatives to every day products that a person uses,” he says.

ECOHOY believes that environment can no longer be an after thought
but needs to be in the forefront and with the integration of technology; one could encourage mass participation towards creating less carbon footprints. With over 6000 products listed in multiple categories ranging from organic food, kitchen, decor, electronics, fashion, personal care, baby products and toys, some of its innovative products include solar bags, solar power banks, charcoal air & water purifier, along with electronic products made out of bamboo, such as computer keyboards, mouse & speakers.

With leading edge solutions comprising ofSustainability Workshops, Environmental CSR Consultation, Greener and Low Carbon office space, and providing sustainable office supplies, ECOHOY has carved a niche in the industry

"Customers are not only able to take informed decisions as compared to other conventional products and services, but for a start can also calculate their carbon footprint. Full disclosure of the environmental impact of products and associated certifications has been represented along with product listings. All the products are quality assured for their eco friendliness before they are listed. The products listed on the website are accompanied with notes and features about why a particular product is eco friendly”, says Aayush.
ECOHOY believes in the wisdom and strength of the Indian population. It believes when given the opportunity a person in all like lihood will want to adopt eco products as against conventional ones and this has been supported by research papers as well. Aayush asserts, “While one single purchase from the website will not have a huge impact, when the same is aggregated across geographies and volumes, these small changes can lead to positive impact and give much needed impetus to catalyze growth of circular economies, sustainable economic systems, and also economies of scale for eco products and services.”

The Growth
Over the years, ECOHOY has developed strong business relations and strategic alliances with ecoaligned artisans, manufacturers and suppliers to provide eco friendly lifestyle solutions, to the forefront. Along with empowering individuals to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, the company is also driving the shift for organisations to adopt and prioritise environmental friendly practises and down size their carbon footprint. With leading edge solutions comprising of Sustainability Workshops, Environmental CSR Consultation, Greener and Low Carbon office space, and providing sustainable office supplies, ECOHOY has carved a niche in the industry. “We would like to reinvest our earnings towards the expansion of environment friendly solutions and simplify environmentalism for our individuals and organizations through a single window ecosystem that enables them to adopt sustainability with a click of a mouse,” Aayush concludes.