Ecokart Technology: Reshaping the Waste Landscape through Eco-Conscious Solutions

  Debasis Suara,    Managing Director

Debasis Suara

Managing Director

The waste management industry's transformation is fuelled by eco-conscious startups driving innovation and sustainable practices. AI-driven waste sorting, IoT-enabled collection, and circular economy solutions are gaining momentum. Managing electronic waste and reducing plastic waste are the urgent need of the hour. However, challenges persist with mounting waste volumes, inadequate infrastructure, and improper disposal risking environmental harm. Widespread adoption of responsible waste practices faces resistance due to low awareness. To overcome these hurdles, collaborative efforts and investment in innovative technologies are vital. Educating communities about environmental impact will foster change, paving the way to a greener future. Supporting waste management startups will play a critical role in building a cleaner and more sustainable environment for generations to come.

Ecokart Technology Private Limited is a pioneering techno enviro startup company located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, specializing in corporate training, industrial consultancy, industrial instrumentation, and waste management solutions. “As a startup, we face significant challenges in providing quality services at a reasonable price, given the presence of established competitors in the field. Convincing customers to place trust in our capabilities was an initial obstacle. However, we overcame this by showcasing our credentials and technical expertise. Initiating meetings and gaining access to prospective clients for waste management solutions were additional hurdles”, speaks Debasis Suara, MD of Ecokart. Yet, with
persistence and experience, Ecokart has built a solid reputation and understanding of various modalities and challenges in waste management.

Excellence Delivered
At Ecokart, the team comprises a dynamic group of highly qualified and experienced professionals in diverse fields, including Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecom, Instrumentation Engineering, Environmental Science/ Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining & Metallurgical Engineering, Hydrogeology, Forest Management, ISO Auditing, and Human Resource Management. This diverse expertise empowers the firm to tackle a broad spectrum of challenges and deliver effective, ecofriendly solutions to its esteemed clients. “Since our inception in 2019, our firm has been dedicated to deliver valuable solutions to industries, institutions, and government agencies, addressing complex environmental challenges, and spearheading sustainable practices in our country's environmental landscape. Our vision is to become a leading provider of exceptional business solutions while being recognized as one of the foremost environmental management companies, championing resource conservation and environmental sustainability", says Debasis.

Core values of Ecokart form the foundation of its operations, emphasizing the utmost importance of Customer Value, as it strives to exceed expectations and forge lasting relationships. The company believes in earning trust through transparency and integrity, ensuring that our actions align with its words. Quality and Commitment are ingrained in everything it does, as it continuously pursues excellence in all aspects of its work. Furthermore, Ecokart actively embraces its Social Responsibility, contributing positively to society and the environment it serves. Ecokart is endorsed by Odisha Startup and India Startup, reflecting innovative approach. Ecokart was honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar Eco on World Environment Day for sustainable solutions (Jun 2023).

Ecokart's extensive range of services encompasses various sectors including Waste Management (E-Waste, Plastic Waste), comprehensive solutions for STP, ETP, WTP, CETP, SRTS & ZLD Supply, Maintenance & Upgradation, and Specialized Chemicals for Water, Wastewater, Cooling Towers, and Process Chemicals.The company offers Corporate and Industrial Trainings, Ground Water Compliance, expert Environmental Auditing, Compliance Monitoring, and Management Services. Other offerings include Rainwater Harvesting, cutting-edge Industrial Analysers, LED Display Boards, Automated DRI Cooler Discharge Systems, Weigh Feeders, Industrial Automation and Instrumentation, Process Flow Control, and Performance Evaluation of Pollution Control and Monitoring Systems. Ecokart also delves into Industrial Digitalisation & Energy Management while providing expertise in Green Belt, Landscaping Development & Maintenance.