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Priya Gupta Rishi,CEO & Co-Founder

Priya Gupta Rishi

CEO & Co-Founder

The Pandemic brought many major concerns to our notice. One of them being the physical procurement of Legal Documents through Stamp Vendors and Courts and the challenges involved in the same especially during Lockdown.

Edrafter Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. started in the year 2016 in Delhi, addressing this issue even before the Covid scenario, which otherwise made e-documentation a necessity.

Co-Founder and CEO,Priya Gupta Rishi, took the challenge and as a woman entrepreneur in the male dominated zone, and she also quoted that “Gender is nothing but a label, You think, You believe, You work hard and You Win”she took to the new heights with the help of her family and husband with a vision to simplify the legal documentation process.

The prevalent system for getting a stamp paper physically involved a lot of formalities and waiting time. People had to wait for hours in a queue for this and the process involved certain middlemen and some unreasonably incurred expenses too, eDrafter. in created an online platform to overcome these problems. Through an online portal at, the customers can easily place the order and get the document delivered at their doorstep in a short span of time.

Process at
The operations of the company are PAN Indiai.e., anyone sitting in Delhi can place an Order for Maharashtra state Stamp paper and it will get delivered at their doorstep and vice versa. provide Stamp paper and other Legal Documents for PAN India which covers all major metro cities like – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, NCR, cities of Uttar Pradesh and Many more. Not only this they are also shipping the documents globally which is super beneficial for the NRI’s.

The company offers below service:
1.Stamp paper for PAN India.
2.Rental agreements.
3.Various type of Affidavits.
4.Partnership Deed.
5.Name Change Package
6.And other Legal Documents…

The best part is that there are no middlemen involved in the process and the documentation is fully authentic and can be made available with ease at a nominal fee. The core expertise apart from the ease of services is that Team has a good legal knowledge-of how things work. The company focuses on customer requirements and continuously keeps modifying and updating its platform to ensure best deliverance.

The immediate future roadmap for the company is to introduce digital software’s to take the documentation process one step ahead using AI and Frameworks on the platform

A Reliable Platform for Online Documentation
At an initial stage, it was difficult to make people understand the concept of online documentation and gaining customers trust over the same. Overcoming their doubt about the authenticity and reliability over the process was the biggest challenge. Convincing the traditional stamp vendors and influencing them for tie-up was a challenge too. But, overcame these challenges through a precise communication and teaching to various digital marketing and promotional strategies. It is now a leading company, recognized as a reliable platform for getting documentation online.

The process of obtaining a documentation is fairly simple. The customer needs to visit the website and then visit the particular section required. He/she then needs to fill in a form and post completion, place the order. After the order being placed, a draft is sent the over email and only after the approval, the company gets it executed on stamp paper and ship it on the provided address.

A Dedicated Team Towards Customer Support
The dedicated team at looks after the successful execution of an end-to-end process. It not only tracks the shipment at their end but keeps the customer in a loop too by providing constant update to them over their shipment details. The process is immediately escalated in case any delays are predicted. The company deals with customer support at priority. There’s also dedicated AI chat bot named as “Docusaathi” framed and designed for the smooth journey for customer onboard and retention, there’s also an e-mail support where in the customers can post their doubts and their queries are answered with the follow-up action at the earliest. has multiple software for leveraging customer experience.

The operations team at has an expertise in documentation. The legal experts make sure that all the legal formalities are met under the concerned Act while drafting the document.

The immediate future roadmap for the company is to introduce digital software’s to take the documentation process one step ahead using AI and Frameworks on the platform. It plans to develop an eco-system globally for the education and information regarding the not so well advertised market for legal documentation