Eeztail: Your Partner for Everything Digital

Simon Fernandes,Founder
Simon Fernandes,Founder

The journey of Eeztail began as an e-commerce agency helping sellers sell on India’s major e-commerce websites. Alas, it was not a great start! Once, one of Simon Fernandes’ e-commerce clients asked him if he was willing to manage the company’s social media handles. Simon readily accepted as the digital marketing and social media marketing experience from his previous job with a luxury automobile dealership. “It started from one client and I was glued to it as it was challenging and interesting. We started getting more clients and we built upon the same. Slowly and systematically, we moved out of e-commerce and started building the firm in the area of Digital Marketing where we acquired a few more clients in Goa; some of them being pioneers in the industry. Following that I got myself certified in Digital Marketing from Lavenier Institute of Professional Studies (LIPS) based in Pune. Today, we are a full-fledged social media marketing agency,” explicates Simon.

When Eeztail commenced its operations in 2015, it took them
some time to set a strong foothold
in the market. “The transition from e-commerce to digital marketing was very difficult as we had to do our research and feasibility studies again with limited resources and bootstrap funding,”he says. Also, at that point in time, digital marketing was still picking up in Goa and many businesses were still opting and continuing with traditional forms of marketing.“We had to get into an educational mode to explain to them how digital marketing works,”he says.

"Eeztail is driven by the mission to provide affordable and secure marketing solutions for businesses",

Over the years, the company has strived to set objectives for all of its social media campaigns and shown tangible and measurable results through innovative content,strategies and execution. “For us, it’s more about our client’s prospects engaging than just building and showing numbers to the client,”he adds.

Driven by the mission to provide affordable and secure sales & marketing solutions for businesses,Eeztail invests much time into research and consumer behaviour analysis that helps it to service its clients better with the knowledge and understanding of the market.“Influencer marketing is another boom in social media marketing in which we’ve also been very successful. We take pride in the work we have done for clients in hospitality, health and fitness, spa and wellness and
some events promotion as well,”asserts Simon. The company relies upon several third-party websites,apps and portals for automation and analytics. This speeds up its process in managing multiple clients at a time.

As a team of marketing and sales professionals along with designers, copywriters, photographers and digital marketing experts, what keeps Eeztail encouraged is the joy and satisfaction they get after a successful campaign or promotion. Simon says,“Being a passionate marketer,my knowledge and experience in market research and consumer behaviour helps me and my firm to serve our clients better and deliver satisfying results through our work.”

The Growth Story
In 2018, Eeztail has doubled its clients and revenue with a stronger and experienced team. Based in Goa, the company is catering to local businesses and is working on a few projects in London,UK.“We’re open for collaborations with other start-ups as well. There’s a lot to learn from big city businesses,” Simon adds.

In the coming times, Eeztail has plans to move to other states in India where the work can be outsourced to Goa. “We want to build an even better team in Goa to handle the demand and requirements of out-stationed clients and build a better network of digital marketers and agencies for collaborations, ”Simon concludes.