Ehsas Health Solutions & Services: Pioneering Accessible & Transformative Mental Healthcare Services

 Jasmeen Kaur,  Founder & Director

Jasmeen Kaur

Founder & Director

India has seen mental health issues as the invisible adversary, and after the pandemic, this statement is ever so truer. Society stigmatizes such issues, leading to a gap between those seeking mental health care and qualified professionals. Acknowledging this profound necessity, EHSAS Health Solutions and Services(EHSAS) has emerged as a model of training, learning, and educating that holds significance in psychology, mental health, human well-being, empathy, and compassionate care. EHSAS strives for transformational potential in people and a change-welcoming environment, building an inclusive space where affordable, ethical, and top-quality therapeutic services and educational resources are readily accessible.

"We aspire for everyone to openly discuss mental health, akin to understanding basic treatments for physical health. At present, there seems to be a gap in our collective understanding, hindering meaningful conversations about mental health. This challenge extends beyond newcomers, affecting even those with experience who may struggle at times with finding the right language and approach for such discussions. Our vision is to foster an environment where conversations about mental health become commonplace within our households, promoting open dialogue and understanding for everyone”, highlighted Jasmeen Kaur, Founder & Director, EHSAS.

EHSAS’ psychiatrists, psychologists, and educators follow the highest psycho logical standards with evidence-based practices and provide effective therapy tailored to each individual. "EHSAS’ therapists receive in-
house training beyond statutory credentials to develop thorough and compassionate abilities needed to provide top-notch care. An extensive research team develops programs, modules, and processes that guarantee, that our programs' information is supported by research and evidence, continuously assessed, and improved by feedback. Our objective is to make therapy or joining a program as easy and trust worthy as possible, with the client's duty ending after taking the initial step and trusting us", states Jasmeen.

Innovative Programs
EHSAS is built on three distinct pillars where the first pillar comprises of a versatile team of mental healthcare professionals involved in delivering personalized care through individual psychotherapy, group therapy, couples counseling and family counseling, embodying the person-to-person interaction at EHSAS. The second pillar focuses on ongoing education, workshops, and accessible training to promote mental health literacy in India. Its flagship program, 'Becoming a Therapist (BAT),' is a 6-day training program, bridging academic knowledge with real-world application. It covers vital aspects like client approach and session preparation, ad dressing the gap often left for therapists to navigate independently. This initiative aims to ease the journey for young psychologists, ensuring a smoother transition from academic learning to establishing their practices.

The third pillar works closely with organizations to develop customized mental health programs for employees, fostering a supportive work place environment where individuals can express their mental health concerns freely. The 'Peer Ambassador Program' plays a key role, providing 60-hours of training to create mental health advocates within the organization. This empowers employees to resolve concerns internally and seek external assistance when necessary, promoting a more inclusive work environment. EHSAS confronts novel technological advancements, partially incorporating them into their systems while upholding traditional research methodologies. Jasmeen elucidates, “As we continually enhance our practices and programs, we leverage cutting-edge innovations such as VR/AR to enhance therapeutic visualization. However, we are mindful that technology may sometimes pose challenges to accessibility. With a commitment to inclusivity, our balanced approach guarantees widespread access to our services, ensuring that a simple smartphone is all that's needed to benefit from our programs”.

Lastly, EHSAS is expanding its reach beyond corporate engagements to education by introducing a program for primary students to receive mental health report cards. This approach helps students and parents understand the cognitive progress and highlight areas requiring attention, promoting holistic well-being and cognitive growth. EHSAS plans to establish physical spaces for in-person workshops and cultivate a network of mental health advocates across organizational landscapes. It also focuses on social and community outreach, supporting underprivileged sections and promoting mental health literacy.