Einfach Digital: Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

In a communication-oriented environment, where attention spans are dwindling and the information is exploding, role of marketing has altered dynamically. To match up with the ever-evolving consumers, a new horde of start-ups have cropped up to identify emerging opportunities and transform businesses through strategy and distinct designs. One such company delivering excellence in this ecosystem is Einfach Digital, a comprehensive digital marketing solutions firm.

It all started in 2015 when the founding team (Manoj Kumar and Pratap Krishna) at Einfach invested in new business and were in search of an agency that could meet their digital marketing requirements. Surprisingly, the ones that they came across either lacked quality or charged a bomb for their services, and a few even lacked long term vision. “Pratap and I saw a huge vacuum in terms of both creativity and digital strategy; we decided to create a full-service interactive digital marketing agency, focused on telling stories in the most creative, instinctive and fun manner. This marked the beginning of Einfach,” enlightens Manoj.

The initial days revolved around convincing people about the nuances of digital marketing, and why it is the need of the hour. There was more – struggling to onboard new businesses and the venture was almost on the verge of shutting down in 2017. “As entrepreneurs, both Pratap and I strongly believed that we hadn’t gone all guns blazing to improve our situation and that’s exactly what we decided to do,” Manoj says.

Einfach is built on the principle of challenging the conventional. The team works continuously towards innovating newer ideas and execution methodologies. “We were on the lookout for some interesting projects to come on board, and it happened. Thanks to our ultra-smart BD team. And that turned the situation around. We went into a phase called Einfach 2.0, giving our digital business a new lease of life,” he smiles. Team Einfach is committed to providing integrated marketing solutions for brands to make a stir in the market. Their expertise includes SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Design, Web Development, Marketing Collaterals, Logo Design, and Content Management, amongst others. “We focus a lot on reaching the right audience, thrive on our creativity, and we strongly believe in being minimal when it comes to design or communication. A lot of time is invested in the clients to understand their business model. We don’t focus on just completing our deliverables; we take notice of the impact that we create in a client’s business,” Manoj says.
Pratap Krishna & Manoj kumar,Founders

Team Einfach is committed to providing integrated marketing solutions for brands to make a stir in the market

The Achievements

The core Einfach team is in its 7th year, and the company’s core business – Outsourcing is headed by Abhishek. On the other hand, the Digital team is in its 4th year. Following a lean setup, currently, the team consists of eight people taking care of operations. Over the years, the team has been successful in handling some of the very interesting clientele that include start-ups, restaurants, events, celebrities, and movies. The company has over 20 clients across 8 different lines of businesses, and are present in Bangalore, Chennai and the US, and is tracking to a turnover of about 46 lakhs in 2019.

Narrating the future roadmap, Manoj says, “In an increasingly overcrowded market, where our lives revolve around digital consumption, we believe that it is important to stand out via creativity, design, ideas, and storytelling. That is what we are striving for, where we want to be like Apple or Sabyasachi in our line of work.”