Elfrosun Technologies: Go Solar!

Ramesh Shaw,Director

Ramesh Shaw, Director

India’s solar energy sector is highly segmented. There has been a consolidation of the large and medium players. The IPPs face falling tariff issues, availability of land, execution blues and power evacuation issues. Also, there are T&D losses associated with suchlarge projects. However, these challenges could be mitigated by integrating the user & producers of the Solar energy by having in-situ(rooftop)Solar plants. However, there’s a huge dearth of professional players in rooftop solar energy sector. Mohali based Elfrosun Technologies is focused on providing a professional on-site solar energy solution with rooftop installations. The company deploys solutions where in the customers don’t need to forgo their usable rooftop space & still get a rooftop solar PV plant.

Elfrosun endeavours to channelize the super-abundant energy from the sun on all the possible and available roof-tops and ground space for solar energy generation. It works with the mission of converting every roof-top a solar powerhouse in itself and enable substantial savings in power bills for the consumers and saving the planet earth for the future generations. “We have pledged to contribute in the minimization of fossil fuel usage and save the planet earth from further environmental degradation and contribute to the success of the ISA (International Solar Alliance),” speaks Ramesh Kumar Shaw, Director–Technical

The Beginning
Elfrosun’s journey in the renewable sector began while it drew inspiration from the rapid deterioration of the environment due to fossil fuel usage and the world’s ever increasing need for power for rapid development. To add on that was the hope and contentment of getting free energy from the sun which acted as the other driving force to initiate the venture. “Our tagline - The Future is Green summarizes our message to all our potential customers and investors. The sustainable growth and well-being of our planet and our children lie with the renewable energy and particularly the solar energy due to its abundance and omnipresence and the time has started now,” says Satwinder Sohal, Director – Technical

Satwinder Sohal, Director

Helmed by a group of solar certified and richindustry experienced experts, Elfrosun undertakes solar project designing, EPC, I&C services and project consultancy services. While the rooftop solar energy segment has been mostly served by non-professional small-time businessmen who ventured into solar energy segment as a side business with zero or negligible understanding & knowledge of its technologies. There is a dire need of a professional approach to this business segment. Understanding this, Elfrosun has envisaged being a professional solution provider for this segment. “Two of our co-founders are qualified engineers with more than 18 years of Industry experience and professionally trained in solar energy technologies. The third director is a
veteran in sales & marketing and has served in top corporate with distinction,” he informs.

The Journey towards Green
Starting off from Mohali and expanding its footprint across different cities of Punjab within a short span of six months, Elfrosun has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the year. At present, the company is catering to multiple towns in Punjab and is expanding rapidly. “With three Co-founders, now we have a growing team of highly motivated and competent workforce. We have customers across differentsegments like residential,commercial & industrial and different socio-economic back grounds like doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen, and others. Within a span of 6 months, we have achieved a turnover of more than 10 million rupees,” he mentions.

Amit Khurana, Director

In the coming years, Elfrosun has a very ambitious growth plans across the country. “We’re ramping up our team and have started several GTM initiatives. We’re also leveraging our bouquet of highly satisfied customers for spreading the message of monetary and environmental benefits of solar energy. Our goal is to provide customized solar energy solutions to the satisfaction of our customers. A new & innovative referral business model and project financing schemes for customers,”concludes Amit Khurana Director – Sales & Marketing