Elixir Wellness: One-Stop Platform Bringing World-Class Wellness Therapies to India

Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa,   Founder & CEOThe challenges life throws at us often act as an inspiration and a driving force towards the creation of something needed by the world. Although some individuals may get bogged down by life, others choose these challenges as motivators for building something for the greater good. Such is the story of Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, Founder & CEO of Elixir Wellness. Inspired by her own struggles with PCOS as well as her parents’ early contraction of diabetes and cancer, she understood the need for preventive care to stop conditions from taking on a chronic form. This led her to work within the wellness space and establish Elixir Wellness a comprehensive destination for recovery, skincare, preventive care and anti-aging solutions.

Who Run the Business? - Women!

With a Masters’ in Public Health from Columbia University, and degrees in Economics, Psychology, and English from the University of Pennsylvania, Tanya’s pedigree acted as the stepping stones into the successful establishment of a mission-driven organization. Elixir Wellness is not just headed by a female CEO, Founder, & Operational Head, but is deeply involved in promoting more women in leadership roles. As such, the company has 4-5 female managers, as well as a whole ecosystem of female doctors, all working seamlessly to deliver holistic and tailored solutions and care to the patients.
Elixir Wellness’ range of solutions encompass IV therapy, cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, body toning, as well as anti-aging, scar reductions, weight loss, and dermatology services including non-invasive facelifts, platelet-rich plasma treatments, facials, and wellness services such as cryotherapy, oxygen therapy, and compression therapy. The organization also offers several women-specific therapies focused on hormonal issues, PCOS, fertility challenges, pre-and-post menopausal treatments, and more.

“Elixir Wellness is a pioneering establishment that stands unrivaled in its innovative blend of health, wellness, beauty, aesthetics, and anti-aging solutions. What began as a healthcare and wellness startup in 2021 has evolved into an extraordinary venture boasting 25 centers spread across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Our distinction lies in being pioneers in luxury wellness, presenting an extensive range of services encompassing IV therapy, athletic recovery, pain relief, aesthetics, and much more”, shares Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, Founder.

Elixir Wellness is a pioneering establishment that stands unrivaled in its innovative blend of health, wellness, beauty, aesthetics, & antiaging solutions

Breaking Barriers

Starting a venture in itself is a giant feat. Doing it alone with many advises, uncountable challenges, and several naysayers a whole different ball game. However, being a solopreneur with a clear vision and a determination to build a business that operates exactly as she wants it, Tanya developed a strong hold from the very start. Overcoming challenges and questions in the market, she gradually built her brand, working in every capacity herself throughout the company’s journey.

“I’ve been the first employee in each department that I was qualified for, so I really understand how my business works from the ground up and how I want it to be run. It helps me shape the organizational skeleton from within. We are still a startup so there's still a long way to go but I do believe we are on the right path”, further shares Tanya.

The determination that Tanya displayed has allowed her to achieve unbelievable success. In a short span of 20 months, the company went from a small rent-free room in a family space to 25 centers in addition to a huge flagship center in the heart of Mumbai. Tanya and Elixir Wellness’ success has been nothing short of marvelous, and keeping up this trajectory, she aspires to take her brand to the top- making it a premier luxury wellness brand panIndia.