Elystar Investment Management: Paving a Path for People & Institutions to Invest Better

  Dr. Satya Gautam Vadlamudi,   Founder & CEOSince investing has several facets and options, it can be a daunting task especially when there is no support.This is where a reliable investment/ financial advisor plays an instrumental role in helping people set up their investment plan to meet their long-term goals. Elystar Investment Management is a SEBI-registered investment advisory company that provides expert advice on financial security, financial freedom, and wealth management. The company specializes in helping clients with financial planning related to retirement, children’s education, buying a house, and other important life goals, based on a thorough analysis of their projected financials from an after tax return perspective. “Our investment advice is highly personalized, tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. We steer away from one size fits all advice, instead, we engage in meaningful interactions with our clients to understand their objectives, risk capacity, and tolerance levels. Based on this understanding, we design a truly personalized and high performing investment plan that aligns with their unique needs,” states Dr. Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Founder & CEO of Elystar.

On one hand Elystar uses a unique fact based multiple choice questionnaire to understand clients’ requirements in a robust and accurate manner. On the other side, it uses proprietary AI frameworks, advanced
analytics, and cutting edge technology to identify top funds and stocks based on expected future performance. In addition, the company’s data driven approach allows them to make informed and objective investment decisions that are not biased towards historical performance alone. The company has a highly skilled team that is committed to help clients with the best investment advice possible.

Our investment advice is highly personalized, tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients

One of the main reasons Elystar has become the go-to partner for several clients is because of its client first approach. Elystar’s investment advice is tailored to help clients achieve specific financial goals. These goals may include retirement planning, saving for children’s education, purchasing a house, buying a car, and more. The team at Elystar works closely with clients to develop personalized investment plans that are aligned with their unique goals and financial situations. Once the financial goals and plans are in place, they identify the best mutual funds or stock portfolios that align with their risk profile and investment objectives. All of the company’s advice is based on robust data analysis and years of research related to mutual funds, listed companies, economic conditions, and other global factors.

The company’s advisory services include investment advice for lump sum investments whenever clients receive significant funds, and also monthly investments via SIPs to achieve long term goals. Additionally, it also assists with planning the proper exit of investments when funds are needed. Elystar also provides private wealth management for high net worth individuals(HNIs), offering asset allocation advice and suggesting the most promising alpha managers who are likely to deliver high risk adjusted returns, or highly risk averse strategies, based on the client's preferences and risk profile.

With such proven services, Elystar is all set for a bright future. Along with launching new alpha strategies for three different equity market classes: large cap, mid cap, and small cap, the company is looking to expand their services in a phased manner to ensure client satisfaction and educate more people about the benefits of investing in public markets and managing the associated risks. Additionally, Elystar is working on establishing private Alternative Investment Funds investing in the listed market space, which are prevalent in other countries but relatively rare in India.