Embetron System Solutions: A Promising Startup Recognized For Its Range Of Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sagar Patil,Director

Sagar Patil


As the world strives to combat the impact of climate change, the demand for clean and sustainable energy has become a global priority. Rooftop solar panels have emerged as a viable solution, allowing individuals and businesses to generate their own electricity while reducing their carbon footprint. This has given rise to several startups in the rooftop solar installation industry, offering a wide range of services. Embetron System Solutions, a national solar power system design and installation company, is among those leading the way in this industry with a focus on solar-powered energy solutions, including photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal heating systems, solar attic ventilation, EV charging stations, and commercial lighting.

Embetron Systems Solutions was incorporated in 2018. The firm’s professional network of experienced solar installers, engineers, and contractors enables it to offer affordable solar power solutions while maintaining the highest standards of customer service excellence. "At Embetron our key parameters for success include time management, money management, cash flow management, and dedication. By dedicating our manpower to only one project at a time, we are able to complete projects within the given time limits, which sets us apart from our competitors that take on multiple projects with the same manpower”, speaks Sagar Patil, Director, Embetron Systems Solutions.
The firm provides a full range of services which includes design and engineering, product procurement, project management, installation, and operation and maintenance. "Our design team uses specialist software to engineer bespoke solutions, and our procurement team ensures that we always offer the industry's leading products at competitive prices. Each installation is assigned its own project manager, and our trusted installation partners deliver quality workmanship with minimal disruption to your business”, says Sagar. The company operation and maintenance team further provides comprehensive support to ensure ongoing benefits for energy technology solutions.

Embetron Systems Solutions recognizes the importance of technology innovation in the solar industry and has implemented various measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs. One such measure is the use of string inverters instead of central inverters for multiple projects, which reduces the cost of wire and other infrastructure and makes maintenance easier. “We use 650 Watt mono PERC module from old top-class Chinese manufacturer, which require less land area compared to polycrystalline panels. By implementing these measures, we at Embetron are able to install maximum solar capacity with minimum land, reducing the overall cost. We are also constantly exploring new technologies, such as a module with 650 watts from a Chinese manufacturer, to further increase efficiency and reduce costs”, speaks Sagar.

Embetron System Solutions has a dedicated team of individuals specializing in different areas like design and engineering. The CEO of the firm Sagar Patil, who also heads the Business Development of the company, manages orders, cash flow, and client interactions while obtaining necessary government approvals. “Our team efficiently obtains ministry approvals within two to three months, allowing more time for groundwork. The safety officer plans and executes safety parameters, while the artistic team tests each cable and connector multiple times and our testing team handles debugging and rectification”, shares Sagar.

The company is currently working on rooftop solar projects and plans to expand into passive income projects like solar charging units and electric charging stations. The utmost goal is to identify locations, arrange resources, and increase the number of engineers to create more employment opportunities and contribute to social development in Maharashtra. With the commitment to expanding into new projects and investing in talent development, Embetron System is likely to experience significant growth in the coming years.