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It is the zeal of generation z to think, innovate and execute products and services to revolutionize the business ecosystem of India as the world knows it to be. Embright Infotech is a technology driven company headed by young and dynamic Sathyanarayanan AR & Bobin Chandra developing products and services based on the technologies of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). The valuation of the Augmented and Virtual reality industry stands at billions of dollars. It is gradually emerging in India and Embright is one those VR/AR companies which is extending its reaches from the state of Kerala. “We are currently involved in the healthcare sector where we are bringing in Virtual Reality as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool that is aimed at the development of neurological developmental disorder patients, caused mainly due to neurological, intellectual and genetic complications which are basically termed as Autism”, says Sathyanarayanan AR, Founder.
Understanding the Product

Embright’s Auticare is an affordable Home Therapy Kit that has been developed using VR technology. It is a skill training and development therapy module for autistic patients. This therapeutic application is designed in the form of a guide for physicians, providing insights into their progresses in diagnosis and therapy. Sathya asserts, “The key issue in Autism is lack of interactiveness to the outside world. Our application provides a high intensity and taskspecific practice at the comfort of their homes giving them more exposure to the outside world. The therapy analysis can provide knowledge of their performance through the tracking of a patient’s pupil movement.”
Out of the different Auticare’s therapy sessions, one particular session
involves special training for a patient in traffic colours and signal identification. It has created a road crossing scenario where the child will be guided through the various aspects of

Embright Infotech was the only company from Kerala invited by the Dubai Health Authority to present in the Dubai Health Forum held at Dubai in January 2019

crossing the road and also the dangers associated with running across when the stop walk sign is on. “We are thus happy to train and improve the self care aspects of a patient through repeated scenarios
that recreate real world challenges”, he adds.
The Road Ahead
Since its inception in 2017 Embright Infotech has had its fare share of challenges on the way. Being a Tech company working on the Healthcare front, it had a lot of obstacles to overcome. From getting its niche technology accepted by incubators to getting permission to get samples for testing and approval was a challenge in itself. In the 20 months of operation they've achieved top honours by being shortlisted as one of the Top 40 companies at the Data Innovation Bazar challenge. “Embright Infotech was the only company from Kerala invited by the Dubai Health Authority to present in the Dubai Health Forum held at Dubai in January 2019”, says Sathya.
Currently, Embright Infotech has a team strength of 18 members with 12 developers, 2 3D modelers, 2 Business Development Executives and 4 Managers. They are incubated by Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), the nodal startup agency in the state of Kerala and is ideally supported and encouraged by Dr. Saji Gopinath,CEO, KSUM. Expressing the goodwill and the future of the company, Sathya concludes, “We are going to expand to other cities and states in the country and create a mass outreach into all parts of the nation reaching people in remote areas as well. Within a year we are planning to expand outside the nation and set up Therapy and R&D centres across the GCC countries, UK and US"