Embryo Group of Companies: Addressing End-to-End Requirements of Veterinarians

 Subrata Ghosh,   Founder & Managing Director

Subrata Ghosh

Founder & Managing Director

The Indian animal health market reached a value of INR 67.83 billion in 2021. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach INR 114.12 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.52% from 2022 to 2027. The routine monitoring of the health of livestock and domesticated animals is referred to as animal health. Veterinary medications, pesticides, feed additives, pharmaceuticals, and biologics are all part of the process. It contributes to a stable food supply and the prevention of zoonotic disease outbreaks. Animal healthcare services are in high demand in India since it serves to reduce the risk of inter-species infection and maintain health among animals.

Significantly, one of the prominent players in this space offering a broad range of standardized animal health care products and the finest technical services to fulfil the specialized needs of veterinarians’ clinics, universities, research centers, aqua farmers, and private entrepreneurs is Embryo Group of Companies. Embryo is a Kolkata-based business entity that was established in 2007 by Subrata Ghosh where there was no or limited resource of Veteran related products in the eastern part of India. Embryo is successfully spearheaded by Subrata Ghosh and Daljeet Kaur Nandha, who elevates the business process of Embryo to a greater height with her sheer talent and commitment to customers and employees.

Embryo is equipped with a proficient team of 65+ talented professionals who constantly strives to deliver a broad spectrum of service related to veterinarians. The firm operates in 7500 square feet of office premises with ground space of more than 22,300 square feet. Significantly, the company is committed to assisting animal veterinary professionals in building successful practices through exclusive products and services and is affiliated with several organizations of repute including Inox Group, Elanco India Pvt. Ltd., IDEXX Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Virbac Animal Health, Apex, Zydus, Vet Mankind, IFB, BD Pharma, Growel Feeds, Himalaya, Hi-Tech
Pharma,to name a few.

Full-fledged Products and Services
Over the years Embryo has successfully operated in the veterinary industry and continues to do so with additional 4 business verticals namely trading, veterinary vaccines, aquafeed, and supplements & medicine for the treatment of the alignment of various animals. Embryo manufactures and offers an extensive range of products and the best technical services which include Feed Supplements, Aqua Feed Supplements & Aqua Probiotics, Aqua Equipment’s & Solar Pumps, Patent & Non-Patent Drugs, Veterinary Medicine, Biologicals/Vaccines, Emasculators, and Marketing of Aqua Feeds (Sinking and Floating). The firm manufactures veterinary surgical instruments and equipment which included post-mortem kits, AI GUN, Surgical Instruments ETC. Moreover, since 2018 Embryo has been associated with one of the major companies, Inox Group, to cater to their valuable products like cryogenic Products like Cryo containers in various size & Shapes.

Embryo offers a broad range of standardized animal health care products and the finest technical services to fulfill the specialized needs of the veterinary industry

It is to be noted that Embryo started its aqua wing 2 years back, and today the division has focused for2.5 CR mark in a short span of just 2 years with the manpower of only Three personnel. Further, Embryo also successfully runs Canine Care, a trading company dedicated to the care, cure, and lifestyle management of pets through an innovative product line. Canine Care is a major animal healthcare trading organization founded on the objective of providing professional animal healthcare services. The company attempts to deliver the greatest customer service experience possible and provides a wide range of animal healthcare products.

“Embryo is uniquely dedicated to helping animalveterinary professionals build successful practices through exclusive products and services specifically designed to enhance the veterinary client patient relationship,” signifies Daljeet Kaur Nandha, Director.

Journey of Excellence
Embryo has grown multifold since its inception. With a humble beginning of 35k in turnover in 2007, the firm has already crossed the 35cr barrier and is on the verge of hitting the 40cr milestone. And as the firm forges ahead, it intends to foray into the hatchery domain as fish is an important part of people’s diets in the Eastern region of India and lays a huge scope in this segment. Since Embryo has carved out a formidable niche in the aqua feed market, the firm is looking at further expanding in the hatchery segment and set up around 8 tanks for the same. And by 2025 down the line, the firm is looking to diversify its business to other areas and be a 100cr company. “Our vision is to forge trusting relationships with the animal health care communities that are both mutually beneficial and meaningful for the betterment of the society,” concludes Subrata Ghosh, Founder & Managing Director.