EMD Systems Software:Building Stairways to Healthcare IT Revolution

Patrick Mulcahy, CEOToday’s Healthcare IT industry requires the use of mission-critical solutions that are capable of moving and storing massive amounts of data around a distributed environment. This is particularly true in nationalized or regionalized healthcare systems. The emergence of cloud-based technology promised to bring relief to many of the strains of the HIT industry by addressing the lack of servers, server hosting and redundancy. Unfortunately, it is not a viable solution when network connectivity is unstable or absent. Specialized in developing cloud hybrid systems, Chennai-based EMD Systems Software provides the needed redundancy and continuity of care required to support rural hospitals, clinics and their patients. EMD has shifted from developing centralised point of care system, where patients come to the technology, to decentralised architectures that allow the technology to be taken to the patients.

Patrick Mulcahy, CEO, EMD Systems Software, expounds, “We specifically design our solutions to function with this purpose in mind. It is a great business opportunity for us, as well asa source of pride. We as a company are proud of the fact that we are leading the way in providing better health care for the populations that we serve”. Backed by innovative technologies and
years of hands-on experience in healthcare, its many domains, and their corresponding workflows, EMD has presented the HIT industry with commercially available products through its vendor customers. EMD’s industry knowledge along with its team of world class software developers allows them to develop best-of-breed information systems for specific domains such as radiology, laboratory, medical billing, electronic health records and many other domain specific solutions. More importantly, it allows the company to effectively and efficiently share and distribute critical patient data between these domains with a holistic approach.

EMD’s industry knowledge along with its team of world class software developers allows them to develop best of- breed information systems

Emerging as a Major Force

After receiving a plethora of side job offers from healthcare organizations that the founders were engaged with, they realized that there was a void in HIT for custom software development – especially in medical imaging. Hence, the duo decided to leverage their decades of experience in the healthcare domain to establish EMD Systems Software in 2009. Additionally, they felt that by achieving success in the healthcare realm with all of its standards, intricacies, security, and integrity demands that it would be easy for them to enter into vertical markets to ensure the company’s stability and continued growth. Offering a ballet of HIT solutions including HL7, PACS, EHR, consultation services and many others, which are so cosmic that
they can only be mentioned in a novel, this healthcare-IT venture emerged as a major force in the global HIT industry.

“When we attend a trade show such as RSNA (Radiology Society of North America), we can look around the exhibit hall and know that EMD provides many of the technologies that are driving some of the biggest names in the industry. It is a moment of pride for us,” says Patrick. Perceiving employees as a resource to develop rather than as a mere raw material to exploit, EMD challenges its developers to learn new skills and domain knowledge. This is fostered by the company’s intentional cross pollination of skill sets with in different work groups. EMD inspires its developers by taking them to trade shows, where they can observe equipment that their solutions interact with or even control. Guided by Guy Kawasaki’s ideology, ‘Hire people who are better than you’, this marvel in the healthcare IT employs the best talents so that they can excel and keep the company on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

Illuminating Healthcare IT Future

Unlike most vendors, EMD has the capability to provide solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of a specific population or demographic in which that vendor or government agency is servicing. Hence, the company foresees a shift from developing for OEM vendors to developing solutions for government agencies. The demands on socialized/government provided services is increasing and EMD aspires to become the vendor of choice in the healthcare IT developer industry as it is uniquely positioned to empower these agencies with the tools to be successful.