Empire Media : A Successful Digital Media Agency

Ashish Shinde,Founder & Managing Director (MD)

Ashish Shinde

Founder & Managing Director (MD)

The digital ad revenue in India will be worth almost Rs 540 billion by the fiscal year 2024, while the television and print ad revenues were projected to reach about Rs 455 billion and Rs 276 billion rupees, respectively. These numbers clearly show that India is heading towards a digital advertising future. In the Indian digital advertisement sector, Empire Media plays a crucial role.

Empire Media is a successful Start-up Digital Media Agency founded by Ashish Shinde only when he was 21 years old. The company simply believes in making a difference in its every action but being different is unnecessary, but something they enjoy and celebrate. Ashish Shinde, the Founder and Managing Director (MD) of Empire Media, say, "Our ideology in terms of advertising is creativity. We briefly

Examine the brands and accordingly work together toward their objectives. We love what we do, and when you love doing what you do, work turns into passion. Providing quality content within the time framework is assurance." Empire Media is not a very old company that has a lot of experience in its field. However, it does have the ability to analyse situations and work accordingly. In the company's very initial stages, it understood that
People who belong to the higher sections of a company do not possess any idea about advertisements. Based on that, Empire media started delivering several ideas and plans based on social media marketing, digital marketing, et cetera. This is whats helped the company to become what it is today. Their core team consists of strong ten personals with

Exceptional five team leaders with a total strength of twenty-five from various departments over-viewing, curating & fulfilling their brands' objectives and demands. The names of the four-team leaders are as follows:
Rameshwar Jagdale - Business Head.
Sandesh Chavan - Senior Graphic Designer/Visualiser.
Kshitij Parulekar - Creative Content Strategist.
Yajnesh Talwar - Digital Marketing Head.
Abhishek Karangutkar - Agency Di-rector (Production).

Meeting the Expectations
Regarding the company's working structure, Ashish states, "We appeal to companies that have a vision similar to ours and plan, organise and execute the pathway to achieve their desired goals. We strive to understand your organisation's identity and vision so that every day we can set up and promote your success." Empire Media does not only advertise, but it also creates. It creates a differentiated image of the companies or clients that appeal to it. This is possible because the company holds a strong and experienced team of employees from different sectors with highly efficient skills. The company believes that the organisation is the most important factor that needs to be ensured. Therefore, even above advertising, Empire Media focuses more on organising its clients' situations and requirements.

These two factors are what helps Empire Media to advertise effectively on behalf of its client. For the Future "Aiming to international expansion to increase business globally, if there were sources to expand it universally, we would be aiming at," emphasises Ashish as the company's primary future planning. The company is implementing each and every possible aspect to expand even more. Ashish states that "We are currently working on opening our secondary branch at Pune." The company aims to open the main branch

In Pune and then spread it to each and every Maharashtra district. Moreover, when the entire Maharashtra is covered, it will expand to the other states of India. He concludes, "We specialise in branding, web development, video and online marketing strategy. We aim to dare to dream big so that we can crush any project we lay our hands-on. We promise to honour our words with action. Our word is our bond."