ThinkNotch: Combining Experience, Expertise & Innovation To Deliver Finest Engineering Solutions

Hima Mongam, ,Founder & Director

Hima Mongam,

Founder & Director

Hima Mongam, Founder & Director, ThinkNotch believes in the saying "Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession." Hima ­a known name in the field of Engineering as an Analyst, broke off her corporate career to do something creative and started ThinkNotch, a company that sets an example for being top-notch in design and innovation. Prior to setting up her dream venture, she handled huge projects and worked with MNCs. Engineering management and FEA as core areas, her experience is built around handling multi-sector projects, which have led her to work on other areas to provide exceptional engineering solutions to date. Backed with deep-seated passion and two decades of experience, she scripted her own success story in today's new age world.

About Hima's Brainchild
Providing cost-effective innovative engineering solutions that are upbeat with the latest market trends, especially for new product development, is one of a challenge that drives companies to seek expert consultation. Therefore, ThinkNotch combines experience, expertise, and innovation to deliver the finest engineering designs of the highest quality and standard with no compromise. The company's proven mettle lies in offering mechanical simulation, design, modeling, detailing, and product engineering services across the continuum of verticals that include Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Electric vehicle sectors, Automobile, and Consumer Appliances. These services speak what ThinkNotch stands for, and this reflects on the faces of its happy and satisfied clients. The company has infrastructure that complements any kind of project requirement and maintains strict project timelines.

Team ­ The Support System
While field expertise has been Hima's strength, building the right kind of team was a challenge. In the initial phase of ThinkNotch, it was tough to convince or find experienced people to be part of the core team. It made her realize how for several startups finding ready-made man-agers was very difficult, which led to change her strategy and worked on grooming newbies to be part of the team that runs parallel towards achieving the company's vision. The team at ThinkNotch specializes in a diversity of skills, expertise, and being up-to-date with the changing trends across the verticals. The senior team consists of human resources equipped with high knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how each sector works and their respective engineering needs. Today, ThinkNotch comprises of a team that is highly synced with what the company believes and holds the competency to deliver the same. "Driven out from my sole passion for the field, it took time and energy to build a like-minded team that could travel along as adding value to the company's vision. A millennial team that gives utmost importance to strict timelines that blend with the client's in-house team synergizes the entire project process and benefit the outcome for our clients. We also ensure that this becomes our key to make any project cost-effective," says Hima.

Thinknotch comprises of a team that is highly synced with what the company believes and holds the competency to deliver the same

Marching Forward Victoriously
The journey so far has been a learning and empowering one. To dream is one, and to execute them to realities is another. ThinkNotch sensed tremendous growth in the electrical vehicles segment and therefore ventured successfully into it. The company takes the necessary steps to research, train, and make the team insightful of the market needs. It is also looking forward to expanding geographically and open branches in markets that hold high potential for the field of engineering services.

Hima Mongamfounder & Director
As an experienced engineering manager, Hima has a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. She is a strong engineering professional skilled in engineering management, stress analysis, product design, ANSYS. With over 17 years of progressive and diverse work experience in engineering management and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) specialization, she played a significant role as part of the top management. She is well acquainted with engineering domains of Aerospace and Oil & Gas Industry and built, managed & empowered teams to deliver and function autonomously. While being passionate about establishing a dynamic work environment that facilitates innovation and continuous improvement, Hima believes in process-oriented approach based systems that also fosters individual creativity.