Enso Immersive: Crafting Tailored XR Solutions for Businesses

Kshitij Goenka, Founding Partner,Vedant Saxena, Founding Partner

Kshitij Goenka, Founding Partner

Established in December, 2015, EnsoImmersive has deep dived into the world of technology-enabled immersive media, thus innovating industry milestones in XR software development across verticals. Melding cutting edge technology with design thinking methodologies, Enso is placed at a sweet spot that enables them to deliver breath-taking immersive experiences powered by a dynamic and evolutionary technology backbone, keeping a very ROI focused, data driven and analytical approach towards problem solving. “To ‘disrupt’, inherently means to change, disturb or interrupt the existing processes or systems by means of introducing new systems, protocols, procedures or pipelines. For our corporate clientele; organisations that have existed for decades, such systemic disruptions are not only unwelcome, but may not be pragmatic either financially, technically or logistically. No, we are not here to ‘disrupt’ our clients’ business, rather to ‘Integrate’ seamlessly with it,” says Kshitij Goenka, Business Accelerator & Managing Partner, Enso Immersive

The Founders' Belief
Enso was founded by a super enthusiastic group of founders. Despite being from diverse backgrounds such as finance, advertising and VFX they have self-learnt the A-Z development pipeline across verticals like programming, coding, IDE use, 3D designing, texturing, shading, lighting and many other systemic pipelines that form the core methodologies for XR development. Enso’s execution team operates with complete autonomy with no In-Out time and no attendance monitoring systems. The entire team comprises of multidisciplinary personnel who are also self-learnt in this space and inherently carry with them the passion to perform. “When the individual is inherently motivated to perform, learn and grow, there can exist no further measure of encouragement or penalty. Work is Play and

Vedant Saxena, Founding Partner

therefore we have the lowest attrition rates not only in our sector, but also compared to most other sectors and industries.” says Vedant Saxena, Creative Technologist & Managing Partner, Enso Immersive.

Enso is current growing at over 150% CAGR

The Growth & the Road Ahead
Back in 2015, when Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality were unknown forms of media and technology in the Indian Landscape, Enso Immersive was pioneering the awareness, development and monetization of these technologies through elaborate technology demonstrations, data backed value propositions and ROI driven innovative business solutions across sectors. 2016 was primarily the year of awareness where business was minimal and Enso struggled to keep its head above water after incurring large costs being a hardware intensive bootstrapped setup. “We were sure that once the Indian market was primed enough, business would flow and so, surely enough, nearing the end of 2016, we received our first landmark contract for the use of Virtual Reality in the healthcare sector”, says Kshitij Goenka, Business Accelerator& Managing Partner, Enso Immersive.

Enso is current growing at over 150% CAGR. Efficiency in workforce has been their mantra since the start of 2017 wherein they hired the most talented, passionate and multidisciplinary developers so that they are able to reduce the team size, boost performance, reduce delivery time and increase efficiency. Expressing the recent developments and good will of the company, the founders conclude, “In January 2019, we are proud to have opened another workspace in Jaipur, Rajasthan.”