Environics: Enhancing Health & Well-being of Individuals & Organizations through Customized Solutions

 Pranav Poddar,   Co-Founder & Director

Pranav Poddar

Co-Founder & Director

While we are concerned about various forms of pollution that are polluting our environment, there is one type of pollutant, we have either ignored or aren’t aware of, which is adversely affecting our life. Electromagnetic Emissions, also known as Electrosmog, is an invisible electronic pollution emanating from various wireless equipment, such as mobile phones, mobile towers, Wi-Fi, tabs, laptops, and other smart devices. A vast majority of the global population is already suffering from the adverse effect of this growing problem with cancer, neurological cognitive disorders, weakening of the immune system and sleep deprivation being some of the symptoms of high exposure to Electrosmog.

Since its inception in 2007, Environics has been driven by the purpose of helping people become healthier and organizations become more productive by safeguarding them from the Natural Environmental Emissions at their workplace, known as ‘Geo Stress’, as well as Electromagnetic Emissions from electronic and smart devices that people are exposed to 24X7, also known as ‘Electrosmog’. In the early 2000s, the concept of Wellness itself was very ambiguous and not even considered necessary for an organization. However, the perception of business leaders has evolved over the years as they have begun to realize that the organization needs to look after and care for its employees.

Ensuring overall well-being through Customized Solutions
Environics has a unique Wellness@Work initiative that covers three aspects of Well-being for every organization and individual
employee, which are Environmental, Digital, and Personal well being. As part of the Environmental well being aspect of the initiative, Environics has solutions that correct the ill effects of negative natural emissions from the Earth (Geo Stress) that affects one out of every five people at the workplace and the effects of Electrosmog from various sources, such as servers, routers, towers and so on.

Environics helps organizations & business leaders understand that looking after employees’ well-being is not an expense, but an investment for a better & sustainable future for the organization

Coming to the Digital well being aspect, the solutions provided by Environics ensure that excessive use of smart devices and electronic gadgets does not cause ill health and impair performance. Solutions developed by Environics have undergone robust clinical trials with reput ed medical institutions such as AIIMS, Max, Medanta, and Apollo. Products such as ‘Envirochip’ and ‘Enviroglobe’ developed by Environics have been certified to show improvements in the heart and brain health of the user.

Finally, as part of personal well-being, the program assesses the present health condition of individuals in less than five minutes, gives an instant report on their health parameters and generates a Wellness Index Score as well as Heart vs. Actual Age. Wellness Consultants of Environics provide DIY tips and coaching to every employee of the organization on how to improve their Wellness Index Score.

Environics has implemented its solutions at over 2,700 establishments for over 300 Corporates and impacted the lives of more than 6 million people to date. Out of the Top 100 organizations in India, more than 25 have already implemented and benefitted from Environics Well being solutions. Some of the marquee clients of the firm are ITC Hotels, JSW, DCM Shriram, Vedanta, GMR, GVK, Grasim, Indian Oil, BPCL, HPCL, SAIL, and many others.

Future Roadmap
Environics is constantly developing solutions with a strong focus on R&D that can enable people to become healthier and more productive. Two new products developed by the firm, a personal wearable product that enhances immunity and a home solution that improves sleep quality, are going to be launched in the coming months. The firm has further plans to expand its footprint, not only in India but also in other neighboring countries as well as developed markets, and is also working on creating distribution linkages and setting up sales channels outside India for its products soon.