Erai Technologies: Leveraging the Latest Innovations in AI to Drive Change in HR Operations

  Anand Baraskar,   Founder & CEO

Anand Baraskar

Founder & CEO

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, more businesses are turning to adopting AI-enabled HR software to automate processes and make HR operations simpler. The adoption of HR technology amongst companies has been expanding steadily in recent years owing to the rising demand for skilled experts in this competitive era. According to a recent study by growth consulting company Sky Quest, the global HR technology market size, which was valued at $24.02 billion in 2021, is anticipated to increase to $35.68 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 5.8 percent over the projection period 2022–2028. Among the front runner in this sector, Erai Technologies has established itself as a pioneer, leading the ladder in providing the best services in AI startups and HR recruitment.

Introducing Processes & Automation to Achieve Better Output
Since its inception, Erai Technologies had faced numerous challenges and opportunities in a way like any other firm. In the initial days, the company struggles to understand and meet the global quality expectations, and the pandemic also forced them to work in remote areas to reach out to their clients. Eventually, Erai Technologies strategized its methods and managed to come up with a solution to the challenges of
remote work, understanding global quality expectations, and curing quality-related vows with the help of onboarding global counterparts, contacting many global partners, and asking for necessary data.

Today, Erai Technologies is known for its diverse service areas. The firm showcases different products and service ranges under different segments which include IT services, recruitment services, JP training services, and translation services. “We provide a flexible System Development that suits customer needs. We also offer precise suggestions for enhancing present conditions and operational efficiency. We design web systems and can recommend outstanding ones i.e. stability and strength. Additionally, we are known for customizing solutions to address our client's needs, making the system efficient and greater returns over the period. Apart from the technical stack, our strengths are World class Japanese Quality customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, flexibility about payments", shares Anand Baraskar Founder & CEO, Erai Technologies.

Erai Technologies is the brainchild of Anand Baraskar who is having more than 16 years of technical experience. Anand is supported by competent Daisuke Kawabata, representative Director of the Japan branch, who holds a total experience of 27 years in the IT industry as a global project manager, bridge SE, and automation software tools engineer. Other than this, the company has a team of individuals having diverse knowledge and skill set. They are all-rounders, capable of developing not only software but also hardware in all areas such as web apps, mobile apps, blockchain, data science, AI, IoT, and so on. Owing to its services, Erai Technologies is associated with various reputed firms like Tokhimo, career fly, Givers Network, Megulio Futuro, and YS-Global and the firm is continuously bagging more clients.

Future Roadmap
Over the years, Erai Technologies has gradually made its mark in this sector. The firm is currently working on developing new products using ChatGPT, and GPT4. Erai Technologies is also aiming to operate in multiple countries, expand its digital business, improve its technology infrastructure, and embed innovation into its business operations. Erai Technologies is targeting to increase its presence in Middle Eastern countries apart from India and Japan. The company is also striving tirelessly to innovate, and its actions are guided by strong ethical principles. Erai Technologies functions better by emphasizing Japanese business and social norms and is committed to producing work of the highest quality following Japanese industrial norms.