espial Consulting: Result Oriented Sales and Marketing Consultancy Services

Naveen Shukla,Founder
Naveen Shukla, Founder& CEO

India shows promising growth to be called as the start-up capital of the word. There is no dearth of SME’s and startups offering innovative products and services in India, however many of them are struggling with approaching the right client and being seen by their prospects. Only small percentages of startups are successfully even though most of them have great products, but they fail to reach their clients and convince them to use their product and services, mostly because the founders are from technology background and the board lacks seasoned Sales Professionals or they simply need out of the box ideas. This holds true for SME’s as well, as they have stable sales but they find it challenging to grow rapidly.

Pune based espial Consulting identified this pain point for its clients and began functioning as a Sales and Marketing consultancy firm that offers result oriented Sales and Marketing Solution. “We believe what ultimately matters is the quality of Leads and Lead to Conversion ratio. Having been in the Sales and Marketing domain for over 22 years, nothing would have satisfied us more than seeing
company grow its profits with our help and support,”Speaks Naveen Shukla, Founder.

" espial Consulting helps Sales and Marketing departments of companies to innovate to achieve 10x results and create customer centricity"

Since inception, espial has worked for Indian companies and helped them spread their wings in APAC and US region. Along with this, it has also worked with a US based company and has helped them to launch their product, and setup Channel Network in APAC region. Espial has catered its services in domains that include Hi-tech, IT, Healthcare, Finance, Learning and Development, Consultancy. “We have successfully established revenue growth models and have transitioned them to path for long-term stable growth strategy,” says Naveen.

Unique Solutions Creating Lasting Impact on Businesses
espial Consulting follows a simple model – it joins hands as growth partners and leads from the front. The company’s capabilities include Business Planning, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Sales Management and Performance Improvement, Customer Targeting and Activity Planning, Strategic Alliances, Channel Network development and Management, Branding, Inside Sales team setup under BOLT model, Marketing Ideas, Lead Generation, Product Pricing and Positioning, Product Management, and Product Launch. The team takes on targets and delivers measurable
returns with higher ROI.

Further, the company helps Sales and Marketing departments of companies to innovate to achieve 10x results and create customer centricity. Also, it mentors and supports the sales teams and creates a framework which could be replicated for all team members now and in future.

Born out of the desire to help companies launch their products successfully, team espial brings in a lot of value additions which not only enhances features of the product but also enhances the experience of customers immensely and those will be ultimately selling points of the product /service. Its flagship offering is Sales &Marketing Strategies and Management where it offers a holistic solution and covers all aspects of generating sales and revenue. “We work on developing the strategy with our clients and also help them to run the strategy and deliver results,” asserts Naveen.

The Journey of Thousand Miles
Within a span of 1.6years, espial has served over seven clients based in India, USA, Malaysia, and their target markets were India,Australia, Singapore,Malaysia, UAE,UK, USA, China, and Germany. “We started with one office in Pune and now have a presence in San Diego, and Kuala Lumpur as well,”he adds. Going further, the company aims to extend its offering to NGO’s and Small Organizations with a limited budget.