EStomi: The Stomata of Your Business Lifecycle

Chetan Nagaonkar,Founder & MD

Chetan Nagaonkar

Founder & MD

While ITSM (IT Service Management) has seized a higher virtue over the years, it is also considered to be a niche terrain which is not usually uncharted, yet a critical part of IT organizations. Thus, amongst the dramatic business make overs and a few ITSM enablers, it becomes undeniably challenging to join hands with a perfect partner who will help to succor the needs with their right alloy of best practices, expertise and experience. Similar was the case with an IT organization, which was in a quest to implement a robust ITSM system on their private cloud to embrace external customers.eStomi – an IT Consultancy firm,zealously developed a Proof of Concept for them to demonstrate a robust ITSM implementation. eStomi implemented an ITSM solution and completely transformed it into a truly multi-tenant model, while a reporting dashboard and high availability architecture along with database replication added charm to the entire setup. With several such feats in its success repository, eStomi is happily rearing towards architecting a niche and is differentiated as most sought after consultancy organization. Today, eStomi’s
instances support over 1000 Support desk agents, 1.5 million tickets and 0.2 million users per month world wide.

Running on the ITIL guidelines, the company helps its customers enjoy the monopoly of technology offerings like BMC, Service Now, OTRS, ITOP, ITRP, Manage Engine, Wolken, Clarive, Wizard and open source consulting. The mini R&D team of eStomi is also successful in architecting creativity which is in turn reflected in its solutions that include ITSM-Twitter Integration, mobile-based ITSM application, a role based dashboard and Google Auth Integration to name a few.

The Inception Story

The brainchild of Chetan Nagaonkar, eStomi was founded in the epoch when leveraging quality ITSM & BSM solutions were beyond the boundaries of consideration. Deviating from the people who were then caught in the societal negative connotations of starting up, Chetan witnessed his dare dream seize life in an avatar named Obsessed Professionals Services (OPS), a software consulting firm dedicated to provide OTRS and Remedy consulting in 2010. However, he soon realized just being technical does not suffice the goal unless one contributes towards customer business life cycle, and thus, OPS was rebranded as eStomi in 2011. Today, with few hands picked and groomed consultants, the company is already one of the fastest growing IT Consultancies in Bangalore and owns a track record of serving eminent customers like Flipkart, Aditya Birla Group, Renault,
Thomas Cook, Ericsson and Tech Mahindra.

Abiding by the philosophy of ‘Differentiate or Die’, the organization hunts for those talents who are experienced, clear about their career path, eager to learn quickly, to continue company’s legacy of value addition and tenure with the company for long. eStomi was bestowed ‘Emerging Company’ award by Indian Achievers’ Forum and was adjudged Top 21 out of 2700 startups in India by Microsoft, LinkedIn and Crisil.

“One of the main reasons to start eStomi was to ensure that we provide the pool of genuine ITSM consultants, which was lacking in the market. Instead of getting carried away by a number game, we want to make sure that we have a lean, yet matured set of technical and domain experts. So, we interview700-800 people in a year and we hardly on board two or three, which in turn mirrors our focus on quality,” proclaims Chetan, Founder & MD, eStomi.

Like wise, the crew also endeavors to share the organization’s vision, with the startup work culture fueling the impetus. Here, the consultants are rewarded based on their contributions, not merely based on performance or the duration of their tenure. Currently aiming to foray into Pune, U.S. and UK, this Bangalore headquartered company has a habit of constantly evaluating its future roadmap to keep it clear and on track. How ever, the strategies about the potential innovations remain undisclosed.