Euro India Business Solutions: Cleaning Solutions Formulated with Integrity, Precision & Care

 Sunitha Srinivasan,   FounderThe demand for surface cleaners has been exceptionally high, and there is a growing trend towards using eco-friendly and natural cleaners in the country, driven by the rising environmental consciousness among consumers. Factors like increasing awareness about infection control in healthcare settings and the prevalence of hospital acquired infections further fuel India’s Surface Cleaners Market’s expansion. While the industry is experiencing positive growth, the high cost of products can pose affordability issues for some consumers, potentially hindering the market’s growth trajectory. Enter Euro India Business Solutions (EIBS), a manufacturer of surface cleaners, that believes in driving growth through its commitment to safe, efficient, and affordable products.

A family-owned company, Euro India Business Solutions has established itself in the cleaning products sector with nearly three decades of experience. The company’s core focus is producing world-class, eco-friendly, and biodegradable multi-use cleaners and degreasers for industrial and domestic use made with German technology that delivers exceptional efficiency. “We provide customized solutions, catering to individual requirements, and emphasize handson service to meet our customers’ unique needs", says Sunitha Srinivasan, Founder of Euro India Business Solutions.
The journey of Euro India Business Solutions began when the founder recognized the absence of safe cleaners for delicate flooring surfaces like marble and high-quality granite. This realization sparked a quest for a reliable, non-acid-based formula to safeguard such sensitive surfaces. Through extensive research and collaboration with chemists, the company discovered a suitable cleaning formula, which later evolved into its flagship product. Over the years, the company’s formulations have been refined in partnership with consultants in India and Germany. By consistently delivering top-quality products and providing exemplary customer service, EIBS gained the trust and loyalty of its clientele. This dedication to customer satisfaction has forged fruitful long-term relationships and reinforced the company’s position in the cleaning sector.

Euro India provides customized solutions, catering to individual requirements, & emphasize hands-on service to meet our customers’ unique needs

Safety for users and the environment remains a paramount consideration in its product development process. Its multifunctional cleaners serve multiple purposes and are highly concentrated, reducing environmental impact and offering cost advantages. The product range includes multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and dishwashers, and degreasers. Euro India Business Solutions sustains a competitive edge through a customer-centric approach. By closely working with clients, the company understands their pain points and innovates products accordingly. In addition, the company also offers white labelling services, collaborating with clients to provide customized multiuse cleaners and degreasers under their brand names. Leveraging its expertise and formulation know-how, the company tailors its products to suit each client's unique needs.

While Euro India Business Solutions relies on manual processes and does not use extensive technology, its focus on ecofriendly and biodegradable products contributes to a sustainable future. The company envisions expanding its product line to include solid laundry soap and machine-compatible dishwashers, aligning with its mission of providing safe and eco-friendly alternatives. The company further wishes to partner with organizations to deliver private-label multi-use cleaners and degreasers that align with its partners' brand values, establishing enduring relationships in the industry. With a track record of innovation, customization, and customer satisfaction, EIBS is poised to expand its offerings and strengthen its position as a reliable and sustainable cleaning solution provider in India.