Eurydice: Valuable Financial Advice that helps in Decision Making

Sudhish KT,Business Head
Sudhish KT, Business Head

So many people have entrepreneurial ambitions and many more desire to do something in their career that matters. Bangalore based Eurydice is a story of four such friends who after completing a degree in business management and working for corporates for five years wanted to start a business on their own. The ideation led by several types of research took shape and soon they zeroed in upon establishing an insurance broking firm - which they named as Eurydice. The company assists in providing General Insurance from various Insurance companies. Its portfolio includes Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Fire & Burglary Insurance and Complete General Insurance Products and even Pet Insurance. “We at Eurydice have been able to find the vantage point that maximizes the value delivered to both the stakeholders involved. Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from all leading Insurers in India,” explains Sudhish KT,Business Head.

Eurydice has tie-ups with multiple insurance companies. Be it government insurers, private
players and standalone health insurance companies, it provides customized group health insurance products based on the employees' age group, budget. “Our retail clients are mostly family members on the middle-class segment and on the corporate side, our targets are on startups and companies which are typically 50–250 employees,” informs Sudhish.

"Eurydice till date has ensured close to 2500+ families and settles claims of more than 2 crores"

The Initial Struggles
One of the most important of all insurance products is the health insurance and at the start, the challenge team Eurydice came across was that of getting claim done during medical emergencies. “It was with sheer experience that we learnt the in and out of a claim process. We started focusing more on solutions providing adequate and effective health insurance plans suited to clients’ requirements. We have built an able team to handle health insurance claims,” he says.

From there, Eurydice has come a long way and now is known as experts in the field of general insurance with close to eight years of experience. The company has developed negotiation skills and tactics which enable it to act as an advisor on behalf of clients and get them the best comparative and competitive pricing. Eurydice till date has ensured close to 2500+ families and settles claims of more than 2 crores.
Eurydice derives its core strength from a well-versed team of experts who come from the healthcare background, understand the medical terminologies and ensure the clients are informed about the complete process in simple language. For corporates, the team acts as a single point of contact for their multiple insurance products requirements. “We focus on how to make the claim process more convenient, how to automate the process of claim, how to make a claim experience hassle-free, how to help clients claim the maximum out of their medical expenses. This is also why we have a majority of employees in the team to handle claims,” he asserts.

Strength & Growth
Deriving its name from the Greek Goddess of Justice from the Greek Mythology, Eurydice as its vision follows to do justice to its clients with best of services. The company now boasts of a month on month growth of minimum 30 per cent. As a self-funded company, Eurydice has mentors and well-wishers in the industry who have been guiding the team on the industry front and helping them in sharing business knowledge.

Three years down the line, team Eurydice wishes to see them being present across metros.“Currently, we handle companies with 5–500 employees. Going forward, we would like to enter into corporates with 1000+ employees,’ concludes Sudhish.