PI EV Solutions: A Robust Startup Taking The EV Industry By Storm

 Iftikhar Ali,   Founder & CMD

Iftikhar Ali

Founder & CMD

The value of the international market for electric vehicle charging stations was assessed at USD 35.50 billion in 2021, it is anticipated to surpass USD 417.35 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 31.5 percent during 2022-30. Electric vehicles have become more popular as a result of the rise in carbon emissions and other dangerous contaminants from transportation. The need for electric vehicle infrastructure investment in both commercial and residential contexts is consequently rising. Market expansion is also anticipated to be aided by improved cooperation among automakers on charging infrastructure and a subscription-based business model. In order to increase the usage of electric vehicles, measures are needed to upgrade the facilities for charging in commercial zones, as overnight recharging at apartment buildings or private homes is insufficient for long distance driving. A new and energetic, truly 21st century organization, Pi EV Solutions was created in June 2022 to meet the needs and requirements of the next 100 years. The company has a significant commitment to sustainability and the environment which guides its daily functions as well as its long-term strategies.

About the Company
In the past century, the world has seen the transition from horsepower to coal and steam locomotive combinations to gasoline (including diesel and other kinds) and ICE combinations. The age of electric vehicles is now upon us. In this new environment revolving around the idea of lowering carbon footprint and building sustainable business models, Pi EV's mission is to develop high grade engineering solutions which resonate with these concepts. The firm's primary area of expertise is establishing reliable charging infrastructure for EV owners. Its goal is to put up 1 Lakh stations and 10 Lakh charging points in order to meet the needs of its clientele, who are EV drivers and consumers. “Our vision is to be the largest EV Charging infrastructure in India and ensure EV owners will 'Always be Incharge'. Our EV Charging stations will be easily accessible to you. We will be at highways, major landmarks, key roads and areas in the cities, at malls, residential complexes, hospitals, commercial complexes, work parks, and more”, shares Iftikhar Ali, Founder & CMD.

Driving an EV indicates one's dedication to ecologically benign and sustainable modes of transportation, which provides all the chance to leave a better planet for future generations. Pi EV thinks that while the car is charging, one should have a good experience. It wants to make sure that the EV owner, the driver, and the passengers are at ease and prepared for the trip ahead. As a result, it pledges to uphold higher levels of customer service to provide a positive user experience each time they charge. All of the solutions designed by the firm are in alignment with the aspiration to accomplish and establish a new standard for EV charging experience, setting them apart from the competition.

Environment Friendly Offerings
The green energy and sustainability segments are currently booming. As a result of climate change, there is a visible and significant change in the environment which can be felt by everyone in the form of unpredictable weather. This led to an inspiration to do something which was the need of the hour, thereby leading to the establishment of Pi EV. The EV sector presents abundant opportunities as the industry is just starting to grow. As Electric Vehicles are becoming the norm, the need for
EV charging stations is also at an all time high and is predicted to grow massively in the coming years. Pi EV, though new is rapidly becoming a very promising firm in this segment.

“Our core service is providing charging access to EV owners in India. As our tagline says, we want the EV drivers in India, to be Always in Charge to further assure them to switch to EV, we have our rewards program called EVards that EV drivers collect points that can be redeemed for shopping, entertaining, clubs and even at educational institutes. Our value-added service is the EV on a subscription model. It is called by MyEV service. In this, we are now helping people who need the EV, acquire them without the financial burden it comes along with. We are starting with 2 & 3 wheelers and eventually get to 4 wheelers as well”, shares Iftikhar. The firm currently has an impressive 9-product portfolio to meet various demands, with a goal of setting up about a hundred thousand charging stations and 1 million charging points.

The company puts a strong emphasis on providing every client with total safety and security, with a particular focus on women's safety, in addition to providing possibilities for leisure

Along with cutting-edge technology like wireless chargingPi EV's innovative Integrated Charging Station is built to harvest solar energy for charging. Fast charging with safety is guaranteed in less than an hour thanks to their Safety max technology. The charging stations are made to work around the clock, so once the full network is up and running, they will indeed be able to service 4 to 5 crore EVs daily.

Since it is built with the consumer in mind Pi EV's services are exceptional in the industry. First off, the variety of chargers available, both in terms of power and design, makes it easier for their hosts to provide their clients with charging solutions. Their clients, who are EV owners and drivers, receive the assurance that there are trustworthy and secure charging stations available across the nation as well as the ability to complete their journey without worry. Furthermore, an Integrated Charging Platform, Thermal Management, Battery Swapping, and Wireless Charging are a few of the standout characteristics of the charging stations that the company has built.

In addition, all the stations will have Wi-Fi, spotless restrooms, cafes and restaurants, areas for rest and relaxation, and choices for vehicle repair to make the charging experience pleasant. The company puts a strong emphasis on providing every client with total safety and security, with a particular focus on women's safety in addition to providing possibilities for leisure. In order to provide emergency assistance right away the charging stations are outfitted with Emergency Response Mechanism. When a consumer asks for assistance this is supposed to provide it right away and report any unanticipated or serious incidents that may have occurred.

Future Roadmap
The future of the EV segment is expected to boom and become the centre of attention for all infrastructural development projects for the upcoming five to seven years across the globe. This brings with it tremendous opportunity for EV startups to set a new benchmark and set up charging stations matching international standards or surpassing them, in India. “The road map for the next five years is to set up 30000 stations and 150K charging points into the Pi EV network. This will help us build the capacity to charge 615000 EVs per year conservatively speaking. Acquiring other players will be key so our network can grow. Focus on educational institutes and fleet companies will further amplify our growth in both the charging and the MyEV(EV on subscription) model”, signs off Iftikhar. The firm has strong plans for the coming years and is working tirelessly to fulfil these goals in order to become a trailblazer in the EV arena. With clear cut strategies in motion, Pi EV is on the path to achieving every single one of its goals.