Evoment Consulting: Creating a Better Future through Economic & Social Value Creation

Amalendu Pal,  Director

Amalendu Pal


In today’s business space, both public and private sectors have been dealing with issues regarding gender equality, human rights enforcement, women's rights, and injustice toward vulnerable groups. Businesses are in need of professional services and technical assistance to address these issues and also to evaluate their business planning process and their sustainable development goals. This is precisely where Evoment Consulting comes into the picture. This management consulting firm from Kolkata helps business to evaluate their profiles, information, tools, and methods for effectively capturing results, sharing, and utilizing information for scale and impact.

Evoment operates with a prime objective to unlock economic value in emerging global markets by adopting an ethical value orientation. This consulting impact firm intends to build a significant impact on economic and social value creation through economics, finance, health, education, governance, and responsible business initiatives. They build client relationships by formulating strategies, solid partnerships, and through impactful programs. They work as a partner and a catalyst for their clients.

Differentiating Factor
Evoment was built with a strong emphasis to

address the toughest business issues, such as ethics, integrity, and the voices of the vulnerable. The entire team is infused with this sense of purpose and thus engages themselves with foundations, corporations, governments, investors, communities, and civil society. They combine management consulting, private and public partnerships, investments, sustainable development goals, and social responsibility with an aim to create and shape a better society.

Evoment uniqueness lies in its bold approach to standing by its business values and ethics. They never accept assignments that harm any vulnerable community. They always encourage the vulnerable and help those voices to come out. This approach gives Evoment the confidence to be challenged by others in this space. "Our vision is to create a better society and a safe platform for the people, their education, and for the voices of the vulnerable. Only when an assignment fulfills these objectives, then only we accept it," says Amalendu Pal, Director of Evoment Consulting. According to him, the biggest achievement of Evoemnt is being able to help the poorest sections of society.

Evoment has been witnessing tremendous growth since its inception in 2018. The firm was able to sail successfully through the hardships of the global pandemic and has been able to make a mark in this space within this short period of time.

Furthermore, the three major areas of services of the firm are the social sector, the finance economy, and the health sector. In the health sector, the focus has been on strengthening the health system and health financing in three countries including India, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. Domestic resource mobilization for basic health projects in Afghanistan, empowering women and youth through graduation and financial inclusion in India and Vietnam, health financing, payment and insurance analysis in India, and behavior change communication and advocacy for improving healthy behaviors are their major assignments. Moreover, the firm utilizes the latest technological advancements to communicate, rectify errors and monitor operations efficiently.

With that note, Evoment plans for the next three years are to prioritize the healthcare sector and economic growth. They aim to create a platform for the younger generation to find or create employment and identify investment opportunities in the South Asian market. Not only that, financial inclusion and women empowerment, and girls’ education are other areas of focus. For this, the team has been hiring potential members to help them with the process of achieving these goals.