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  • 10 Management Consulting startups - 2023

    Successful Career Path with Management Consultants  The management consultancy is playing a significant role in the development of the Indian business sector. As the management consulting industry expands, it continues to divide into two market segments: a commoditized, low-cost sector and a highvalue, specialized consulting sector. Nowadays, demand for management consultancy services is growing, which targets company executives and provides them with industry specific specialists and subject matter experts. Therefore, the 2023 trend will be for consultancies to create comprehensive digital strategies and revamp the existing business and operational models in a manner that continues to connect the C-level with stakeholders. "It’s the little details that are...

10 Management Consulting startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aryng Aryng Piyanka Jain, CEO A global data science consulting and advising company serving enterprises and startups looking for fast growth and real business impact
Cognitute Consulting Cognitute Consulting Ashok Deepan, COO Helps organizations mobilize for change through unrivalled strategic initiatives while mitigating risks both strategic and operational
Elios Healthcare Elios Healthcare Sabbar Tousif, Founder & CEO A management consulting firm that implements large scale projects, conducts research, and provides consultancy services to corporate and NGOs
Entrepreneurship Drive Entrepreneurship Drive Aditi Jaiswal, Founder Facilitates the transformation of various levels of business through an understanding of the businesss requirements and the creation of a road map that includes channels and segmentation
Evoment Consulting Evoment Consulting Amalendu Pal, Director Built with a strong emphasis to address the toughest business issues, such as ethics, integrity, and the voices of the vulnerable
Macula Healthcare Macula Healthcare Dr. Jithendra Kumar, Director Offers hospitals healthcare solutions, healthcare Consultancy, healthcare academics & patient simulations for training and cater the growing needs of healthcare market
NSOFT Services NSOFT Services Naagaraj Subramanya, Founder Offers Revenue Management Solutions that help utilities to reduce system losses and improve operational efficiency
Sincera Consulting Sincera Consulting Suchitra Mishra, Founder & CEO Leverages proven development methodologies and technologies to help businesses achieve enterprise productivity and true digital efficiency, through Software Solutions practice
Startup Xperts Startup Xperts Shyam Sekar, Founder Experts in building startups, understand the need of the enterprises and walk along with businesses with strategies, to ensure business success
Thoucentric Thoucentric Neelakshi Kotnis, Founder & Director A niche management company uses relevant digital and functional domain expertise to solve problems in Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution, and Finance