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 Niladri Shekhar Roy,   CEO & Founder

Niladri Shekhar Roy, CEO & Founder

The digital marketing ecosystem puts infinite scopes and possibilities irrespective of the challenges to drive success with increasing demands of dynamic consumer behaviour. There is an enormous growth in the digital space with the highest investment especially in SEO and advertising for various online and offline businesses. According to the report of Digital Advertising in India, the current expense on digital marketing is only 12 percent however a good digital marketing agency can take on the current need with efficient use of technology, talent, and seamless work process.

Understanding this, Pune based Evonix Technologies from the very start invests significant time in understanding and acknowledging the responsibilities vested on them by their clients and provides promising solutions which brings them enhanced, scalable customer experience online. “We not only have sustained over a period of time but have also grown to provide a technological edge over other marketing channels with constant advancement of
strategies, out of box solutions but in a more cost-effective way,” says Niladri Shekhar Roy, CEO & Founder.

Perceiving the substance of dynamic ads, brand promotion, and sponsored content to engage customers in an effective way including assured leads and ROI, Evonix blends latest technology with creativity to produce outstanding digital experiences that help it in revolutionizing business. The company offers a unique range of services for branding and promotion of its clients digitally. The team develops custom, personalized software solution & digital marketing services focused on specific customers need. “We prefer quality over quantity to bring a significant impact to businesses by improving their online presence to maintain brand identity and drive leads,” he says.

The Inception Story
The inception of Evonix dates back a time when Niladri was pursuing his MBA degree at Symbiosis. His first venture was an eCommerce platform named LazyNinja which went on to become one of the topselling online t-shirt platforms in India that too in just a span of two years. The marketing and branding activities along with the technology driven approach followed for driving Lazy Ninja paved way for Evonix Technologies that came into being in November 2013. Since then, Evonix has been helping corporates and institutes in managing its 360-degree marketing and branding activities and making them technology enabled.
The initial days at Evonix were equally overwhelming and challenging. There was so much to learn, experiment and fail. The goal oriented and dedicated Evonix team left no stone unturned to convert all the challenges into opportunities and designed the best solutions for the clients, that helped them eventually, carve a niche in the industry. Niladri informs, “Over the years, we have delivered best-in-class solutions from design to development, branding and digital marketing to add value to the company as well as the end users. Non profits, Educational institutions, SME’s, social enterprises and big corporations have largely been benefitted by us-internally and externally.”

The Road to Success
With a 48-member, strong willed, dynamic and diligent group of technology enthusiasts, marketing strategists, graphic designers, writers working collectively for a common goal, Evonix has bagged 80+ clients world over within a span of five years. The office culture and ethics have kept the team strong and there is a less attrition rate as compared to the IT industry standards.

“For the coming years, we have developed a clear vision and set relevant goals to meet all our marketing plans. From deciding different marketing mix from email marketing, Google ads, and Adwords,banner advertisement, search marketing (SEO/SEM campaigns), dynamic ads, social media, we take all measurable marketing initiatives to fulfil the roadmap,” Niladri concludes.