Eworks Services: Harnessing Top most Innovative Solutions

Sagar Gupta, Founder & Director

Sagar Gupta

Founder & Director

As organizations are forced to overhaul their core functionalities constantly in today’s cutthroat business world, the foremost IT research & advisory company Gartner gauged that despite the challenging economic conditions, India’s enterprise software market would witness the highest growth rate in the world, with a CAGR of 14.6 percent in the period from 2011 to 2016. As this relentless development and the growing list of companies seeking consulting had triggered its pellet Eworks Services, a leading cloud-based enterprise solution implementation, customization & development company was born in 2009. Established by Sagar Gupta, who has vast experience in managing MIS and IT services department in large enterprises, Eworks today stands tall as a highly qualified, cloud-focused agile IT Services Company working on ITSM, ERP & Enterprise e-Commerce projects for clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

Additionally, its ability & experience to develop integrated enterprise software on topmost innovative solutions such as Amazon EC2, Service-Now, Sales force, Remedy,Hadoop and Microsoft Dynamics bestows Eworks with a competitive edge. This ISO
9001:2008 & ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (ISMS) certified company strives to lend a hand to its customers by achieving their business goals within time, with high accuracy that would ultimately result in highest work satisfaction. By adeptly customizing effective solutions with high performance and industry compliance, the firm helps startups to bring alive their dreams & ideas and enterprises to accomplish more out of their existing IT investments. Razor-sharp as the Knight riders, Eworks approaches each project with the highest level of product knowledge as well as industry standards.

Delivering quick, stable, safe, reliable operations, improving software efficiency and maintaining strong business controls, Eworks’ panel have faith in amplifying the estimation of resources

The company's stupendous revelation suites, includes enterprise sales and bolster life cycle applications that runs on and integrates with Enterprise e-Commerce, Custom Web Enabled Products, Cloud Computing, Mobile & Embedded System Development, ERP & CRM packages, Software Services, ITSM Implementation, IT Training, BPO, Testing &Assessment Services, KPO, Magento, Oracle, SAP, BMC, Eclipse, Azure and many more.

Sagar Gupta, Founder & Director, Eworks addressed, “Delivering quick, stable, safe, reliable operations, improving software
efficiency and maintaining strong business controls, Eworks’ panel have faith in amplifying the estimation of resources through disciplined investments and management, developing break through software technologies, improving processes, and integrated operations”.

The Radiant Work Culture

Following the prominent citation of Mahatma Gandhi, “Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking”, Eworks’ empowering, innovative, transparent and informal work environment is based on teamwork, mutual trust and equality for all. The company’s open work environment with vast learning opportunities has helped each employee to transform into experts in their fields. Firmly footed in the effervescent custom of encouraging employees to take up responsibilities at early stages of their evolving careers, Eworks empowers its people to get acclimatized to the well-defined processes, thus motivating them to attain leadership roles. To propel its workers, the organization confers awards to the individuals who achieve the best implementation at all times.

Future Chart

Endeavoring to unearth innovative approaches to meet client demands, Eworks is wringing its existing resources to build up anavant-garde cloud based software. Primarily having knowledge and innovation as a point of convergence, the company aims to answer the software needs of enterprises and end-users economically, technologically and socially at present and in the future.