Execlient: Excellence Delivered

Vishal Vadhera,Founder & CEO

Vishal Vadhera

Founder & CEO

With the objective to give a constructive facelift to both the offline and online market presence, businesses have acquiesced in adopting the present-day marketing trends. The shift in the marketing paradigm from traditional to digital has indubitably introduced a new wave in the approaches adhered to connect with the intended audience. This prospective space has not only grabbed the attention of the entrepreneurs who aspire to take their ventures to a crowning point but has even incited the ones who intend to avail this potentiality to craft lucid marketing solutions. Vishal Vadhera chose to be the entrepreneur who sketches out trailblazing marketing solutions assisting brands to develop the adeptness to reach to their specific market and customers. In the light of this aspiration, he laid the cornerstone of Execlient, an advertising agency that puts forward 360-degree consulting and advertising solutions to help brands observe a downright bloom and make pronounced advancements.

A branding and advertising expert who has been a part of the marketing domain for more than 10 years, Vishal has shrewd under-standing of what a brand needs in order to magnify its presence in both the online and offline space. Availing his expertise he has been constructing and executing more than 200+ top-drawer digital solution strategies in Execlient which can be categorized as Business Consulting, Digital Marketing, Creative Graphic Design, Web Solutions & Developments, Videos & Animation, Content Writing and so and so forth. Apart from the above mentioned solutions, we also hold excellence in advisory consultation which gives an extra edge and very helpful to the client who is blank in term of how, when & what should be the next steps. We've good hand in Logo Designing, Content Creation,
Search Engine Optimization, Digital Insights and Analytics & Market research, etc" informs, Vishal Vadhera, Founder & CEO, Execlient.

The sole purpose of the company is to assist its clients meet their digital media goals. It endeavors to combine all the digital channels to increase the brands market presence, visibility, online leads, deals and revenue. The team of Execlient observes a unique yet logical functioning pattern where the emphasis is laid on the brand consulting first, moving on to planning, positioning, engagement, review, revision and finally concentrating in meeting the desired targets. Vishal adds, "Our objective is to deliver excellence as our company name stands for "EXE ­ Excellence ­ Client ­ Delivered to client and to do so our entire team thoroughly devotes their time, energy and proficiency in understanding the nature and domain of our clients and sculpt fruitful solutions."

Execlient, an advertising agency that puts forward 360-degree consulting and advertising solutions to provide the best-suited services that would drive the client's business towards excellence

Overcoming the Adversities The need for marketing is still essential, the choice of picking up the effective one has changed a lot. It's a big market and there are already many players - big and small. The real threats are fresh individuals who claim to know-it-all and are ready to work at very cheap rates. This affects quality in a big way. Also, such clients evaluate agencies based on money and not deliverables or results. The team at Execlient has a clear lookout to face these challenges. The company houses a team of experts who chalk down the strategy and a team of young minds along with the others to ideate as per the new generation and technology. “Our objective is to deliver Excellence as work can be deliver by any other agency! To meet this objective our core (management) and spine (team) work on a motto, and To Provide smart ideas for their business growth as well once the level of first benchmark achievement is received, we start work on the next level. We keep on working for you till the time you get results, unlike other company which tries to showcase 4-5 samples of artwork or campaign revisions etc. We believe if someone is paying us for some service it should be delivered with 100% customer satisfaction.

Throughout the company's journey, Vishal has been immensely supported by his wife Riya who acted as the biggest support and advisor. This has also helped Execlient mediate its way to the pinnacle of success. With a wide client base in India, USA, UK, and the Middle East, the marketing firm has grown tremendously exhibiting a 3X growth in terms of revenue. Till date it has worked with some of the biggest industry players which include BookmyShow, Paytm, VIVO IPL, BMW India, Air Aisa, Havells, Barbeque Nation, and Haldirams among many others.

Rooted in Gurgaon, Execlient is drawing up a plan for expanding itself across all the major cities of the country, aiming to on board new talents and clients in both the national and international platforms.