Exolar Energy: An End To End Solution Provider For Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Arvind Kumar,Director

Arvind Kumar


India vowed at COP26 to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070, and non-fossil fuels will account for 50 percent of the country's cumulative power capacity by 2030 as per the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Hence, solar energy is gaining importance, and investments in solar energy are increasing rapidly.

Regrettably, non-reliable solar EPC companies without knowledge working in the market and customers who are keen on solar installation has no option as to whom they can select for their solar projects. Thus, the solar EPC industry as a whole appears unreliable. Comprehending this fact, Exolar Energy brings together the expertise and experience in endtoend EPC services for electricity consumers in all categories.

Based out of Delhi, the company provides EPC for roof top Solar Power Plant. Exolar Energy undertakes on-site evaluations after thoroughly understanding the client's demands. Exolar designs the finest solar plants aligned to the needs of individual customers and makes sure that it designs in a way that clients receive maximum solar power generation benefits from solar at the lowest cost. This makes each of its designs unique and tailor-made for each customer.

The company has established longterm brand alliances that enables it to have a portfolio for each of the components out of which it chooses the most suitable ones aligned with the specific needs of the client and the customers get prompt aftersales assistance.
Exolar straddles the entire spectrum of client requirements viz. residential, commercial, and industrial, and installs solar plants ranging from 3 kW to 1000 kW.

"Our concentration is on EPC services from start to finish, we utilize branded items that come directly from the manufacturer, to provide quick replacement services if required during warranty conditions to our customers after the sale. The firm does not operate as a business, but rather as a partner who assists clients in completing their projects at the lowest possible cost", says Arvind Kumar, Director, Exolar Energy.

Prioritizing Client Safety, Quality, & Max Generation
Exolar Energy poses an in-depth knowledge of rooftop solar design and more than 80,000 man-hours of experience in the installation of solar power plants which helps the company understand to design plants for long-term life, maximum output, best quality, and safety of the electrical system. Speaking about a few examples, structures used by the company are only Hot Dip Galvanized structures that provide trouble-free life in harsh environmental conditions over the designed life of the plant and beyond.

The company provides a single SPD for every string which leads to higher safety in terms of high voltage protection while it is aware that some companies directly connect panels to inverters which compromises the safety of the inverter that might lead to preventable downtime resulting in loss of generation and revenue for the customer. “Our advanced foundation design ensures that the solar plant will not suffer under strong wind load", explains Arvind.

Exolar Energy is not rushing to get orders by quoting the lowest price, but focuses on becoming the preferred solar power partner for its customers

The firm’s expansion plan includes registration on multiple state and national portals to facilitate the availability of subsidies to the end customers and aims to expand on the pan-India level as the firm has SOPs for every project. Some of the recently announced projects include a university project for 240 kWp, a project for 90 kWp from an MNC, and many more.

"Up to 500 kW of projects are coming to us; we can complete 15 to 16 projects in a year. Exolar also follows robust standard operating practices of international standards to ensure the high level of performance of our installed plants that our highly satisfied clients have come to expect and trust", concludes Arvind.