Express Autocare: The Ultimate Car Maintenance & Detailing Center

Joel D'Souza,Founder Director
Joel D'Souza, Founder Director

The influx of foreign technology and the open market has given rise to the number of variants and new car models coming into India. But the challenge to all these car companies remain in the after sales service area. Almost every company has a track record of sub standard service given to customers. That’s where Maharashtra based Express Autocare comes into the picture. The company bridges the huge gap between a company authorized service center and the roadside mechanic, giving a much superior customerexperience and services than any of these two.

“Unlike company service centers, we allow our customers to stand next to their cars while their car is being serviced or repaired and have trained our technicians to give them the basic maintenance tips. Since the entire purpose of starting Express Autocare was providing honest and sincere service, we have nothing to hide,” informs Joel D’Souza, Founder Director. For those who do not have time to stay back at the workshop, the company provides them with live high definition video feed of the service bay where their
car is worked upon on their smartphones. They can zoom and see real time what is happening with their car.

"Express Autocare intends to be a part of the government vision for India and help create that ecosystem needed for acceptance of electric cars"

The Idea behind Express Autocare
Once in 2015, while Joel visited his parents in Mumbai to spend a few days with them, he took his sister’s and brother’s car for service and repairs at two different places. Sadly, he came across miserable experiences - both at the company’s authorized service center and at the roadside garage. He realized how customers were duped in the name of car service and repair. That was the time when he thought to bring transparency in car service, repair and detailing process and provide flexible plans and service packages - all under one roof. He established Express Autocare in the same year further.

The journey of Express Autocare wasn’t without challenges, some of them seemed insurmountable. Market slowdown added to more unfair trade practices by the competition and seemingly gave a better deal in the market. But the bubble cracked too soon and the company soon became the most sought after multi brand car workshop in the city reputed for its work ethics.

Express Autocare offers tailor-made service packages for each class and type of care which are
priced accordingly. It also provides value added services like 3M Detailing, Tyroseal Auto Puncture Sealant and Letstrack car GPS trackers. “Our most popular service package is the 45 Activity Point Premium Service. After the service along with the invoice, we provide customers with a detailed job report,” he says.

The company has its own mobile app wherein customers are reminded of their car service due dates, they can book their car service, know their entire car service history, payment history. “We also have a tailor made inventory and GST billing software made specifically for our processes,”he adds.

The Growth Story
Since inception, Express Autocare has steadily increased the strength of its manpower and now has senior level personnel who ensure quality of work, quick turnaround time and customer satisfaction. “Expanding current operations are on the cards and to start with, we will be looking for a franchise each at Pune and Thane,” Joel asserts.

Further, it is in talks with one of the fastest growing Solar and Alternate Power generation companies in India for a tie-up for Fast DC Charger system for Electric vehicles in its center.“We intend to be a part of the government vision for India and help create that ecosystem needed for acceptance of electric cars,” concludes Joel.