EZ Fuel: New Age Diesel Delivery Start-up with a B2B Orientation

Sagar Goel, Founder & CEO,  Parash Sancheti, Founder & CEO

Sagar Goel, Founder & CEO

Parash Sancheti, Founder & CEO

Smart technology has made a lot of progress in the logistics industry and brought definite specializations into business operations. There has been the emergence of smart delivery systems that provide detailed information regarding tracking, shipment and delivery of material from one location to another. Fuel delivery is a niche segment that is growing by the day. From large construction sites to farming communities in remote villages require fuel for operations. In a developing country like India where there is large scale urbanization and technology usage in remote locations, it has be¬come rather important for business communities to create proper fuel delivery systems for seamless operations across sectors. EZ Fuel has emerged as a new age fuel delivery start-up that specializes in delivery diesel at your doorstep (to multiple industries including Manufacturing, Hospitality, and real estate and farming communities in remote villages). The company has a technology based smart delivery system which pro¬motes the Digital India movement.

EZ Fuel is a full time Diesel Delivery Service at ones door steps, with uncontaminated fuel and fast delivery both at job-site refueling and yard refueling. It is committed to providing a client company with the best service that fits its needs. Its job site refueling is a turn-key operation. The client may tell EZ Fuel where and when to fill up the equipment, and the company guarantees that the client equipment will be filled up and ready to go.
Many Industries and commercial business rely on generators to power their operations. It can be difficult refueling one’s own generators on time, keeping them running without interruption, and having to refuel them in poor weather. “One can trust EZ Fuel to deliver diesel and handle the refueling for power generators on your sites. We’ll keep you fuelled and running when a power source is not available. (With the seamless operations and experience we assure the timely execution of delivery every single time)”, mentions Sagar Goel, Founder & CEO, EZ Fuel.

Parash Sancheti
Founder & CEO

Growth Story & Road Ahead
The company was started by three partners Sagar Goel, Parash Sancheti and Preeti Singla. Together they form a good team with past experiences spread across Real Estate Company and Transport Company which used to collaborate together for material delivery and other business operations. The entrepreneurs observed a problem regarding timely fuel delivery at real estate sites which caused problems for all real estate entrepreneurs at large. This is when they decided to start a business in collaboration which would ensure timely diesel delivery to client location on time. EZ Fuel is determined to give clean quality diesel. It makes sure that a client receives drop accurate quantity of fuel and every penny is worth. “Our containers are spill proof and no compromise is done while delivering fuel. EZ Fuel is keen to help clients at the times of emergencies and quick deliveries”, says Parash Sancheti, Founder & CEO, EZ Fuel.

Our containers are spill proof and no compromise is done while delivering Fuel. EZ Fuel is keen to help clients at the times of emergencies & quick deliveries

Within a very short span of time the company has able to gain satisfied clients and created a name for itself in the industry. “We are looking ahead to working efficiently and grow our business in the years to come, with timely execution and tech innovation for seamless experience”, concludes Sagar.