Fakeeh Technologies: A Patient Centric Healthcare Information System

Ibad Khatib,Executive Director

Ibad Khatib

Executive Director

Kerala-based Fakeeh Technologies is a spear-head integrated IT solution provider whose end in view was to devise notable and top-rank software products and services that have the potentiality to buoy up the milieu of the Indian healthcare ecosystem. In the process of making provisions for their endeavour, the company has developed products that can be listed as YASASII, YASASII Healthcare and YAR. These amenities are devised to enable round the clock, systematic and far-reaching medical services at a snap of a finger. The company deliberately strides to remove complexities and make medication more advanced, accessible and affordable. "Since our genesis, the main end in view was to ameliorate the condition of the medical sector to an extent that people can derive the best medical care with-out much exasperation. This impelled us to make significant effort in building the most constructive solutions and services using the present day technologies and concepts, avers IbadKhatib, Executive Director, Fakeeh Technologies.

Founded on the theory of put-ting in place a continuous practise of developing and enhancing the healthcare management system in the MENA market province, the
company has built up an eminent version of the HIS module which has the ability to enables afacile and cost-effective approach towards every healthcare facilities yet enhancing the stature of the medical functionalities. For the benefit of people and the healthcare domain, it has developed the best and latest mobile application availing the power of the up to date technologies such as AI. This application supports facile accessibility to healthcare services, first hospital check-in system via mobile, Online payment gateway, feedback mechanism and home care services. "We operate in four major departments and that is HIS, Mobile Application, Healthcare Portal and OVR. Even in the future we intend to dedicate our interest in improving the proficiency of these major healthcare services," he adds.

Apart from the above mentioned products and services, Fakeeh Technologies hold a good grasp at devising world class software products to bolster up Software Development, BPO Services, ERP Services and Process Mapping.

Fakeeh Technologies hold a good grasp at devising world class software products to bolster up Software Development, BPO Services, ERP Services and Process Mapping

The company is supported by unique and talented experts. It has formed a strong team for all its departments be it clinical and non-clinical, BPO, Web & Mobile, and others. The team makes a dedicated, honest and collaborated effort to meet the objectives of the company. "We are fortunate to have the guidance of the best minds from different verticals. Our main strength of will is the mentorship of VP of Finance, Strategy & Investment and also the President of FakeehCare who have been mentoring and providing us with the best required direction," he exclaims.

The Future Ahead
Put in motion by a renowned Saudi physician Late, Dr Soliman Fakeeh, the company aspires to establish an integrated healthcare network which will work towards bridging the gap within the healthcare ecosystem within the country and across the globe. "We have in view the objective of carrying forward the legacy of this huge organization. Along with the medical sector we wish to avail the opportunities in the field of technology as well," he concludes positively.