FAMSOLAR: On a Mission to Power a Solar-Driven Future

Syed Quasim,Founder & CEO

Syed Quasim

Founder & CEO

According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the government subsidizes 30 percent of the installation cost. Presently, the solar tariff in India is very competitive and has achieved grid parity; therefore, rooftop solar panels are ideal for application, where cost savings is the primary advantage of solar panel installation, as the tariff rates are, respectively, 17 percent and 27 percent less expensive than residential and commercial tariff rates. Considering this benefit, FAMSOLAR enables individuals and businesses to create a greener tomorrow with its comprehensive solar power solutions. A young Indian solar EPC firm, FAMSOLAR was established in 2020 in Gurgaon (Delhi). The firm is an ideal representative of innovation, reliability, and a commitment to sustainability.

FAMSOLAR caters to clients from all sectors, primarily residential, commercial, and industrial. The company's competence in solar energy systems and its star clientele have always promoted the realization of visions. FAMSOLAR provides superior rooftop solar energy to not only reduce energy costs but carbon impacts too. To satisfy solar energy needs, FAMSOLAR delivers customized solutions and a seamless experience, from the engineering to the commissioning of the plant. FAMSOLAR's finance offers also practice the flexible payment model to make solar solutions pocketfriendly.
A Notch Ahead
Some of the key features that set FAMSOLAR apart from its competitors are its technical experts comprising graduates from IIT. The engineers and technicians are highly knowledgeable in the latest solar technologies and are best in their practices. The firm's customerfocused approach always tends to educate the customer about their services and how they are going to benefit them commercially and socially. The company's innovative solutions aid in the exploration of technologies and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its services. In addition, FAMSOLAR is a sustainability-focused firm and assures that the suppliers and vendors also promote sustainability in their manufacturing.

FAMSOLAR is a sustainability-focused firm committed to powering a better, renewable tomorrow

FAMSOLAR keeps strong partnerships with stakeholders, suppliers, and government agencies, all of which are essential parts of this solar EPC ecosystem. The firm is committed to supporting the transition to a carbon-neutral future and believes that a diverse and secured supply chain is a critical component of transition and development. "We prioritize local suppliers and manufacturers to build a diverse solar panel supply chain in India through creating jobs and economic opportunities in the communities where we operate. Our source materials come from suppliers who are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Our continuous research and development help explore innovative technologies. FAMSOLAR is always advocating for policy change and believes that government policies play a very important role in any territory to support the transition to a low carbon future", says Syed Quasim, Founder & CEO, FAMSOLAR.

In years to come, FAMSOLAR's future blueprint is to focus on leveraging technology to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience through inheriting measures like digitalization; digital tools are the platforms to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and increase transparency with clients. The firm's Smart grid solutions, such as energy storage systems and microgrids, will help improvise the reliability and efficiency of the project as a whole. Customers can monitor the solar power plant through optimal performance by employing predictive maintenance approaches that monitor and repair solar systems. Incorporating data analytics helps to understand clients' energy needs and develop custom solutions that meet specific requirements. FAMSOLAR has recently invested in lithiumion and sodium battery technology to accomplish its sustainability and environmental goals and to extend its product portfolio.