Feedbyme Media: A New Age Content Sharing and Interactive Platform

Abhijeet Prakash Sharma,FounderWhen we talk about interactive news/media platforms, we probably think of a website or app that lets you comment, like, and share. What if we tell you that Feedbyme allows its consumers to be a part of its family as a contributors and writers? Standing for the true meaning of interactive channels, Feedbyme allows its users to not only read trending news and articles but also create, distribute, and share content while getting paid.

Founded in 2017 the company provides organic and research backed information on crypto, startup, business IT, Science, entertainment, and lifestyle. While caring for everyone's emotions, the media channel doesn’t support fake information and criminal news such as animal cruelty, rape, blackmail, murders, and extortion. “We believe that anybody who has a great flair for research and writing can beyond any doubt produce a competent piece. However, considering the growing number of writers, the industry doesn’t have the opportunity for all. Meeting the yardstick can be quite an arduous task for penmen to make it to a notable platform. To ease up things, we encourage authors, bloggers, and content

writers and enable them to earn as per the views”,says Abhijeet Prakash Sharma, Founder, Feedbyme Media.

Joining Shiny Dots
In a span of five years, the company has created a noticeable impact on the internet publishing industry. By proposing a distinct approach to the Indian news media, it has impelled the strategy that is one of kind. As far as the bright side of the company is concerned, Feedbyme mushroomed in an extensive way to act as a forum/tool for people to share their perception, discuss and debate on the topics in the lime light. On the whole, it doesn't focus on traditional journalism but acts as a one-stop-shop for insight engagement and exhibition.

Recently,we have created a decentralized cryptocurrency called "India". We are creating a platform where users can trade. Our goal is to make international trade easier

Organically growing from nothing it has leveled the fame with a remarkable audience base in a short time."It is really overwhelming to see the response we have received so far. After the launch of Feedbyme, we have been able to maintain a customer retention rate of 70-80 percent, which is indeed a pretty good number," he mentions.

Abhijeet further adds,"Eventually, we are trying to deliver highquality articles interesting news and data to our loyal customers. While we are catering to a global audience who needs different insights, we are constantly working on the relevance of the data we provide to various audiences."

The Progressive Future
The bootstrapped company is setting new benchmarks in this ever evolving market and it is embracing innovations that promote a win-win situation for all. Sketching futuristic growth plans, the team of Feedbyme is continuously involved in research, inventions, and innovations to have an edge over other brands. “We are planning to foray into different verticals like Fintech and AI while endeavoring video content creation with the same ideologies. And in the upcoming years, I envisage a rapid growth by adding more values.”