FF21: Where Friends become Family

Rahul Baliga, Ajay Nemani, Arun Nemani,Co-FoundersWith greater economical aspiration, agri distress and increasing need to look for better employment opportunities especially in the knowledge sector and related industries has resulted in increased urban migration. This is not only restricted to India but is now a global phenomenon. With this, the need for a comfortable, safe and convenient area to stay closer to the work place at affordable price is also growing. Looking at the bigger picture, though the concept of shared rooms and PGs having been around for quite a while they are cluttered with complications. Observing the market scenario, several startups are taking a major to make things easier for the young and aspirational urban migrants. With free flowing innovations they have brought the concept of Co-living in the lime light which is changing the entire experience of living for professionals. These startups are charting a new territory by leasing entire properties and converting them into co-habitat spaces, typically targeting the 18-30 age groups. FF21 ( is one such company that provides experiential community living space for the young and aspirational working professionals.

Ajay Nemani, with a strong family background in entrepreneurship having been involved in over 20 businesses over his career, Arun Nemani, who spent over 2 decades in USA being involved in various
tech based MNCs and startup sand Rahul Baliga who comes with strong background in enterprise domain came together to address this challenge of providing well curated, professionally managed and operated co-living spaces. Leveraging their varied expertise they co-founded FF21 in the year 2017. It is owned by, Sherwood Long stay Pvt Ltd(SLPL) which is backed by promoters with over a decade of experience in corporate serviced apartments and over two decades of realestate experience in Bangalore. "We have effectively created a model where we bring in our expertise in the hospitality and real estate industry to deliver experiential community living spaces. Located in close proximity to mainly IT/High Tech parks, our vision is to transform the living experience of young working professionals in Bangalore" says Ajay. The company is on its way to achieve a key milestone of managing over a 1000 rooms in Bangalore.

FF21 provides comfortable and well designed common spaces within its properties that allow people to feel the warmth and love of a home

Solutions Offered
FF21 provides comfortable and well designed common spaces within its properties that allow people to feel the warmth and love of a home. The firm takes care of every minute requirement of the residents from food, power backup laundry and Wi-Fi facilities among others. An access control based entry/exit allows the residents the flexibility based on their professional and social lives while along with the multiple CCTVs across the properties also provides a safe and secure environment. The small team is well versed in every job and keeps constant check to monitor and resolve the concerns of the residents. Frequent training and retraining of housekeeping staffs is ensured to provide best in class facilities.

“This is a place where cultural sensitivities are shared celebrated and social life is built and expanded; it is a platform where they build genuine friendships and not convenient acquaintances,” mentions ajay.

Growth Story& Roadmap
Witnessing a steady growth since the start, the company is now active with 500 rooms under operation. It is expecting to expand the number with 300+ in the upcoming months and gain 1000 operating room by the end of this fiscal year. It is also concentrating on IT companies and techparks to gain customer base. Operating in few major areas of Bangalore, it is looking forward to spread its wings across the Silicon City.