Finbingo: Disrupting robo advisory landscape by taking right investment advice to masses

Samir Jayaswal,CEOAs one strives to grow their personal net worth, the financial challenges they face become increasingly complex. Although some investors have a long-term strategy in place to grow their assets and manage risk within their portfolios, many do not have the strategies for dealing with the tax implications that result from the distribution and transfer of the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate.

Here is India-based, a Robo advisory platform that understands one's financial goals and achieve it by helping one manage their portfolio optimally. All analysis is done by computers and not humans hence it is called Robo advisory platform. Finbingo is an intelligent Robo-advisor, bringing 360 degree financial advisory, and wealth building and management to every person looking to create a secure future.

A clarity and idea be-hind Finbingo
Simply put, Finbingo is an AI-driven technology platform that provides digital, algorithm-driven financial analysis and advisory with little to no human supervision. Investors make emotional decisions at market highs and lows and based on gut feelings. Software does not make these kinds of mistakes. Robo-advisor collects information from users about their financial landscape and life goals through an online plat-form and then analyses the data to offer unbiased financial advice and investment strategies.
Robo-advisor also helps visualize projections and growth in the existing assets and investments. An important aspect is that because no human-beings are involved, Robo advisors can scan through millions of data points to arrive to suggestions. This makes the process whole lot cheaper and can repeat calculations as many times as wanted. Mr Sujit Bangar, Co-Founder and MD says, "We want to dispense advice coming from the same process regardless of whether the client has Rs 1 crore to invest or Rs 100 to invest.'

Mr. Samir Jayaswal, CEO, states, "There is definitely conflict of interest in the existing financial system. Everyone seems to be working for themselves and not for their customers. When one takes a system that is commission-based there is bound to be institutional bias. Adverse selection, lack of context while giving advice are some of other critical, deep-rooted problems that have plagued this sector. The customer always ends up holding short end of the stick".

This scenario changes with the introduction of Finbingo which now has technology at disposal to appraise the financial situation of mil-lions of people irrespective of their investment size, assessing their risk appetite and provide contextual and pinpointed financial advice. Technology does not discriminate between people as biases do.

Neither does it favor one investment over another since there are no commissions involved. 40% of India's wealth is with 1% of people and investment firms are crowding with the rich. Finbingo is quite an antithesis to this approach and wishes to democratize the process of financial and wealth planning and take it to masses.

As mentioned, it is a true 360-degree financial planning and wealth building platform that takes a scientific approach in analysing and suggesting financial investments that are most suited for one in meeting their life goals. It also checks current portfolio composition and takes it through a variety of tests to understand if performance is optimal. It helps in rebalancing portfolio if the existing portfolio is performing sub optimally so one has better chances of meeting their goals.

It provides suggestions across a number of asset classes raging from fixed income securities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, precious metals and insurance. Fin-bingo's target market is millennials and middle age investors who like to work on "do it yourself" mode. One can use on their own to do their financial and goals planning but if human assistance is needed, one can call or chat through its inbuilt WhatsApp interface with highly trained advisors from the company as well.