Flink: Offering Personalized data to improve and conquer the Game

Kandheri Manohar Vivek & Sudharsan Sampath, Co-Founders ,Aditya Herur Shetty, COO Sports has been the inspiration behind Svigour Sports LLP, a Chennai based tech savvy sports start-up that aims to bridge the gap between the technology and sports at the grassroots. The venture was started by three sports enthusiasts – Vivek, Sudarshan and Aditya. Vivek and Sudarshan worked together at Amazon India where they chanced to meet each other on the ‘Table Tennis’ table. Their passion for sports fuelled their desire to unite all the sports enthusiasts within the organization. Discussions turned into action and they began developing an app that could provide detailed analytics and tips to players on how well they play. During this time, Aditya met Vivek again at a Badminton court; they connected really well. Aditya on knowing about the app that was in the course of development, joined hands with them. Thus, came their first sports assessment app, 'Svigour' into being in 2015.

Unfortunately, the app way ahead of its time, failed to gain market traction. The trio felt dejected, but found few root causes which needed to be changed drastically to make the app work. They began working seamlessly on racquet wearables which claimed to
provide data giving the users a complete insight of their performance in the game. Throwing light on this, Vivek, speaks, “Data is what everyone needs today to make oneself better. That’s exactly what these devices gave. But the challenge was to make sure that the data was accurate. For that, we worked on several prototypes close to a year to ensure internal the device is very accurate in every detail it gives out. We worked with state level, national level players and badminton communities to beta test the app by making it robust. We named the new app as ‘Flink’, which is Norwegian for quicker, smarter, better.

Flink gives real-time analysis with a Live View feature helping one analyse their practice shot by shot

Flink – Smart Badminton!
A powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker, Flinkis known to be India’s only badminton wearable device which is accurate, an 8g device that could be fitted below the racket with ease. The high-performance wide range 6-axis sensor tracks help the user improve the overall game play by tracking swing, speed of each stroke, offensive /defensive type, calories burnt, time played for, improvements over time, and others. The device is compatible with both iOS and the Android interface. There is an internal flash memory that stores the swings even in offline mode. It holds up to 3000 swings to help one play for longer time without connecting to their mobile and sync instantly once connected to the app via
Bluetooth. Endurance-wise, the device lasts for more than four to five hours if kept for one-hour charge.

The AI algorithms used in the platform gives an individual a personalized insight into the game and encourages them to push hard to get better. The user can share and compare the data with friends on the court. Additionally, the device gives real-time analysis with a Live View feature helping one analyse their practice shot by shot. More than anything, it helps coaches/parents to evaluate their trainees’ growth with daily data to monitor and track the game.

Flink is exclusively available on Amazon India as one of the most searched and best-rated badminton wearable product.

The Growth Story
A self-funded start-up, Svigour Sports, in the recent years has grown exponentially. Explicating enthusiastically on the growth plan, Vivek mentions, “We are just into the fourth month of our launch where we have added a loyal user base of 1200 sports enthusiasts. We have sold close to 1000 devices till date.”

He further adds, “Our user base is strong and stable with which we are gaining traction day by day. We are covering all parts of India with our orders. We are hopeful about selling 2000 more devices by the end of 2017.”