Fliplearn Education: Learning & Communication Platform Designed for the Internet Age

Vishnu Dutt Sharma,CEOIn today’s ever-changing world, technology & its applications are growing at a frenetic pace, thus driving the transformation of various industries such as transport, retail, media, healthcare & others. Though many industries have grown leaps and bounds over the years through the application of technology, the education system in India still seems to be relatively untouched in regards to the adoption of the fast growing technology and its transforming applications.
“In the last few years, smartphone and internet penetration have been steadily growing which means millions of people have access to the internet through their mobile devices. Also, India is a young country that continuously demands change but the change can be only achieved through quality human resources, i.e., again possible by imparting education. Now as the people have access to connected devices, applying tech to the delivery of education can be an effective way to help drive improved learning outcomes, better learners & problem solvers. Thus, with the vision, we saw an opportunity to build a platform to bring all the stakeholders of school ecosystem on one platform and provide them world class learning resources, tools to communicate and facilitate a personalized learning experience for every student.” speaks Vishnu Dutt Sharma, CEO, Fliplearn Education.

Positioned as the 21st century learning and communication platform, Fliplearn is working towards the democratization of quality education through personalized learning solutions & communication tools

Going beyond the Traditional Methods of Learning

Fliplearn Education today offers services to schools, students & parents spread across the country. The major services offered by Fliplearn can be classified in three verticals viz. ‘Communication & Engagement for schools’, ‘Personalized learning solutions for students’ and ‘products to streamline key school operations like fee payment and bookstore’. The Communication and engagement platform is similar to having an in-house Facebook/WhatsApp for school with additional features of giving homework online using Fliplearn content and questions database mapped to the school board and curriculum. It assists schools & teachers to engage better with parents & students on daily basis by sharing pictures, videos, announcements, attendance & reports about the school and student in a seamless and easy manner.
“The learning stack of products makes learning fun for students with the help of curriculum mapped gamified quizzes, diagnostic tests, personalized report cards and world class digital content to help improve learning outcomes. Our services are for schools & students and drive the learning revolution required for the knowledge age”, informs Vishnu.

Re-Defining Personalised Learning Space
Positioned as the 21st-century learning & communication platform, Gurgaon based Fliplearn is working towards the democratization of quality education through personalized learning solutions & communication tools. With the agenda to spot unique learning gaps and address them, the company focuses on building innovative products and train teachers, school administrators and parents on how to use the products and be an active participant in the students’ learning journey. Fliplearn has already tied up with more than 2500 schools and has 2.6 million registered users. The current team strength is 125+ members and Fliplearn is looking to add brilliant & committed like minded Tech people to help drive digital transformation in School education.
Vishnu concludes, “We want to help revolutionize the education delivery in schools and help students reach their peak potential required for the knowledge and internet age. We are using the latest advances in technology like machine learning and have some of best brains in the country working on our products. Recently, we have also started a pilot with Delhi Govt. Schools and Kendriya Vidalaya Schools. Besides select govt projects, we are going to reach 3000+ private schools by the end of the current year and reach 12000+ schools in next 3 years.”