Flyer Eats: Elevating the Art of Food Delivery with Gourmet Excellence

 Kumar Thirumurugan,  Co-Founder & CEO - India

Kumar Thirumurugan

Co-Founder & CEO - India

Foodtech startups have pioneered a gastronomic revolution, reshaping the landscape of culinary indulgence and dining escapades. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, these innovative ventures have seamlessly melded restaurants and patrons, proffering a seamless amalgamation of online food ordering and restaurant discovery. However, despite commendable advancements, fissures persist within the market. These chasms encompass restricted access to a panoply of eateries, suboptimal delivery modalities, and fragmented user experiences. Enter Flyer Eats, the transformative harbinger. This trailblazing entity, specializing in the art of online food ordering and restaurant discovery, has irrevocably revolutionized the realms of epicurean opulence in India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Flyer Eats, the radiant star in the constellation of food, grocery & meat delivery services, was founded in 2017. With a visionary spirit, it swiftly emerged as a game-changer, defying gravity and rewriting industry norms. Equipped with celestial chariots, the firm’s dedicated drivers ensured smooth journeys for meals, delighting customers across India. “Our fantasy park flyer provides an opportunity for individuals to utilize their local knowledge and challenge themselves. With a nominal fee and a 30 percent profit share, they can connect local restaurants through our app, benefiting from our marketing efforts”, speaks Sriram Mohan, Co-Founder & CEO. The firm pioneered India's first high-return food delivery franchise with

just a 10k INR investment, leveraging local knowledge for profitable opportunities and welcoming franchises to establish their business models nationwide. The firm’s Flyer Wheels service offers auto bike and bike taxi options in 30 to 40 locations across India.

The firm astounds with a stellar repertoire of avantgarde products and services, positioning itself as a luminary in the realm of gastronomic delivery. From gastronomic masterpieces to nostalgia-inducing classics, the firm curates an ethereal dining experience that transcends the mundane. “We, at Flyer Eats, simplify the process into four steps: search for nearby restaurants, browse menus to find your favorite food, make quick and secure payments, and enjoy as the food is prepared and delivered right to your door. Effortless and delightful from start to finish”, says Sriram. Flyer Eats offer unique promotions like 1 rupee biryani on weekends,- free silver coin gifts for orders over Rs.999, and more. Introducing Flyer Wheels for convenient and affordable transportation. Flyer Eats partners with ONDC for low-cost food, grocery, and more. The firm is pride to be the first South Indian company to tie up with ONDC. With 450+ delivery boys in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra, Flyreats now collaborate with Shadowfax,, and other logistics providers for Tier-I city delivery. Seeking VC funding to expand across India and high-volume areas.

Flyer Eats boasts an extraordinary assemblage of culinary virtuosos, forming an unparalleled cohort that epitomizes unrivaled excellence within the gastronomic realm. This esteemed collective comprises seasoned epicurean maestros, logistical virtuosos, and tech pioneers, converging their expertise with an unyielding commitment to surpassing customer expectations. Fueled by an ardent zeal for gastronomy, this illustrious team operates in perfect synchrony, ceaselessly reimagining the culinary landscape. Bound together by a common purpose, they epitomize ingenuity, meticulousness, and unwavering dedication, consistently pushing the frontiers of culinary innovation. A veritable force of inspiration, Flyer Eats' team radiates an irresistible aura, propelling the company's stratospheric trajectory amidst the celestial realm of epicurean delights.

The firm envisions a future replete with groundbreaking milestones and revolutionary advancements, poised to redefine the culinary landscape. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, the company prioritizes pioneering novel technologies, expands its global footprint, and fosters strategic collaborations with esteemed culinary luminaries. Expanding its cosmic reach, Flyer Eats now sets its sights on Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines, illuminating the galaxy with its stellar services. The future roadmap also encompasses sustainable practices, prioritizing eco-friendly packaging, and forging partnerships with local suppliers.