Flying Elephant Design: It's About Doing More Than Just Good Branding

  Akanksha Surekha,    Founder"It's about doing more than just good branding. When we sit down with clients, there's more at play than a singular goal of creating outputs that create a buzz.

To reach desired outputs, important specifics are analyzed, scrutinized, revised and revisited again. Time, money production costs and ROI, logistics manufacturing and transport, raw-material: physical and mental, by mental I mean ideas, mindfulness and concepts are important things that are thoroughly discussed and revisited multiple times during the process.

At its core Branding is about doing more than logo designing ­ it greatly involves solving problems storytelling, brand building, bringing functional and emotional value to inanimate products and services. At the end of the day, it is a people's avenue ­ dealing with and catering to people, for people, by people. And, anything that involves people cannot be simplistic or 1 dimensional says Akanksha Sureka, founder and Creative Director of Flying Elephant Designs a contemporary Design and Communications Studio from Mumbai.

While speaking of the work she and her team do back at Flying Elephant Designs, Akanksha often refers to her modern agency as a `fast capsule collective of creatives' on further inquiry she explains, "I often refer to Flying Elephant Designs as a fast capsule collective for the distinctive skills and understanding of deadlines my team brings, we're popular for our quick turnaround period.
What stood out to us about Akanksha and Flying Elephant Designs, is the warmth and honesty with which they conduct themselves, a peculiar sense of welcome familiarity is very obviously felt, their many clients would vouch for it too. Their client testimonials and feedback often follow as 'Working with you is like working with family', `Aap toh apne hi ho', 'Your team feels like a part of the brand in the best way possible' and the likes. This familiarity and humility is most definitely working for them as most of their clients come to them by word of mouth. Yeah, in an era of paid promotions this small studio is creating its own space without the noise. Their sensitivity to client problems and their zest for helping clients with viable solutions to production cost, packaging design and cost, only makes them feel like the clients' own team, and a part of the brand.

As opposed to traditional Design studios, Flying Elephant Designs looks beyond product branding and is gaining increased popularity for Personal, Event and Wedding Branding Projects as well as their own stationery line ­ these have often bagged them features on LBB and Wedding Sutra, and recent yet their Ads and Branding Assets for Clevertap's Las Vegas Event made it to the big screen at Times Square too. This Elephant sure is flying places.

When asked about future plans, Akanksha adds, "The plan is to keep growing, exciting new extensions to the brand are underway. We've never conducted even remotely as a traditional agency; the extensions are just going to be further proof of that. Everyone reading this should stay tuned, it'll be of interest for most”.

While Deeksha Ahuja, Co-founder of Encubay says, "Akanksha is a breath of fresh air among all the clutter that design could possibly bring if not done right! It just took me two calls to explain the ethos of what our brand stands for and she came up with some befitting designs for our logo and overall branding. The entire workflow from ideation to execution was seamless and for us at Encubay, she and her firm are a constant as we continue to grow”.

So, what is Flying Elephant Designs' secret to success, “it's more than just good work, it's about understanding and empathizing with clients, understanding the audience, market, trends and finding honest solutions ­ stitching all of that into a package with bespoke design and witty copy", concludes the chief!