• Spotlight: Finding the Key to Sustainable Excellence
  • Spotlight August - 2022

    The year 2020 witnessed the widespread effect of coronavirus across different countries of the world. Also, with the World Health Organization announcing it as a pandemic situation the business, corporate, and industrial world went for a toss, disrupting the global economy. Probing for digitalization, the business arena had to face significant challenges in its performance, be it healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT, supply chain & logistics, architecture & construction, tour & travels, food & beverages, manufacturing, or others. Conspicuously the entire business world has been overhauled during the time, or enhanced to an optimum level to relish certain opportunities in the evolving market. However, today, businesses are presented with a plethora of...

Spotlight August - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Adapt Loggers Adapt Loggers Prashant Dharawath, Director The company is trying to scale its operations and work with other major companies. Along with its continued expansion within the cold chain industry, sustainability stays a priority.
BD Software Distribution BD Software Distribution Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO BD Software, a distributor of cybersecurity products, offers a basket of security solutions to effectively counter the threat posed by cybercriminals.
 Briskinfosec Briskinfosec Arulselvar Thomas, Founder & Director Briskinfosec Cyber security has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes as their systems and networks containing sensitive and valuable data have come under siege by malicious actors.
Chromachemie Chromachemie Ajey S. Rao, Managing Director Our team consists of highly experienced scientists, coupled with decades of industry insight and manufacturing excellence, that make us the end-to-end provider for all quality aspects
EaseOtrip EaseOtrip Renu Bisht, Co-Founder EaseOtrip is a travel consultant that makes planning trips across the world simple, safe, and economical.
Flying Elephant Design Flying Elephant Design Akanksha Surekha, Founder it's more than just good work, it's about understanding and empathizing with clients, understanding the audience, market, trends and finding honest solutions
HackHunt CyberSecure LLP HackHunt CyberSecure LLP Abhishek Agrawal, Founder Hack Hunt Cyber Secure, a cyber-security firm with an ever growing team of highly skilled Ethical Hackers, Security Researchers, and Cyber-security Professionals with varying backgrounds
HArbor HArbor Jateen Waghdhare, CEO Harbor a clinic management platform is a necessity, that will help in streamlining processes and enables staff with more leverage to provide improved care to patients.
HyLyt HyLyt Rajat Singhania, Founder We all use a variety of products, and each one has some level of information. Multiple data silos imply that your critical information is spread across multiple locations.
Mad Result Mad Result Abhishek Karnik, Founder Mad Result, a Mumbai-based award-winning performance-driven digital marketing firm, is at the center of this transformation.
Parangat Parangat By Sahil Gupta, CEO & Founder Parangat is making the most of Full Stack, Mean Stack and Mern Stack technologies for various projects.
Pidge Pidge Ratnesh Verma, Founder & CEO Pidge also believes in offering more services to its existing customers, like offering SaaS solutions to smaller businesses, encouraging them to be on Pidge's ecosystem.
Professional Scholastic Professional Scholastic Mark Brooke, President Professional Scholastic is skills, business writing, sales & negotiation skills, communications skills, and organizational communication both online and onsite.
RESTACK RESTACK Shaurya Singh, Founder Restock corporate advisory practise, Restack concluded a $80 Million capital raise for a Bangalore based developer from a large global institutional investment firm against a portfolio of schools, commercial and residential properties.
Tudip Digital Tudip Digital Dipti Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO Tudip is a customer-focused, extreme technology, IT services company, that helps clients to achieve Serenity through Integrity and Innovation.