Focally: On the Mission of Making Immersive Experience Accessible to All

Sagar Madliyavar,Founder & CEO

Sagar Madliyavar

Founder & CEO

In accordance with technology witnessing advancement, many startups have emerged in the AR/VR domain in order to bridge the gap between the real and the digital world. These AR/VR applications are not only considered to be a mere piece of technology, but they are also enablers. Several startups are working in the field and renowned investors are also supporting such innovative startups in the segment. Among so many flourishing startups, Focally is recognized as one of the promising firms disrupting the tech world and offering an immersive experience with smart wearable devices.

The AR/VR start-up sees these immersive technologies as a powerful tool that can considerably enhance our understanding of the world around us. Focally creates real-world interactions that connect people and engender new ways of living, working, and sharing, making everyday objects and spaces even more dynamic and interactive than the online and digital worlds. They push the constraints of static digital interfaces and bring interactivity to objects and spaces, creating multi-sensory experiences that are
enhanced by technology. Focally's Platform infrastructure also plans to open-sourcing the software platform for developers, innovators, entrepreneurs/startups allowing them to provide solutions on the Focally AR Wearable to the consumers/people.

Focally is an idea to make Augmented Reality accessible to one and all by innovating and building an AR Spatial Computing platform through smart wear-able technologies. “At FOCALLY, we believe augmented reality is the key technology to bring Fictional Ideas into reality. AR will transform the way we live and interact with the world. It is started with a vision to develop vogue smart wearable devices for humans to experience augmented reality & Artificial Intelligence seamlessly in every aspect of activities. It is an aspiration to bring about a better understanding of digital information in a new era of human interaction with surroundings utilizing immersive experiences. The company brings you the near future of Augmented Reality & Computing Technologies through Spatially powered Smart Head-Mounted Wearable Devices." in-forms Sagar Madliyavar, Founder & CEO.

Focally is co-founded by Sagar Madliyavar- a young entrepreneur who completed BBA Entrepreneurial Studies from MS Ramaiah College Of Arts Science and Commerce. Anish Mallappa, the other co-founder is a BBA graduate from Jain University and an expert in marketing. Manish Mallappa from Manish Groups is an investor for Pre-seed funding for the company. Focally was founded in 2020 by these enthusiasts in the emergent technology field with the idea of delivering immersive experience and innovation in the AR industry. As ideal leaders to lead a tech-enabled brand, they leverage the best technology to suit the application as needed in a creative and value-engineered manner. The brand has plans to set up a state-of-the-art R&D to bring AR to the masses creatively and contextually. They aim to completely change the experiential paradigm across the entire country and prove to the rest of the world that India is a leader in innovation in this field.

“Each experience we create has a high level of design planning and an iterative design approach behind it based on solidly established processes. As a result of working across a wide range of technologies and paradigms, we offer multiple flagship offerings which include the AR Spatial Computing platform through Smart Wearable Technologies," he concludes.