Foton VR: Reinventing Access, Quality And Methodology Of School Education Using Virtual Reality

The traditional norm of teaching students in class-rooms has been severely hampered due to the on-going Pandemic of COVID-19. But the emergence of digital education, a few concerns have been mitigated. However, the 360-degree approach in digital education is still lacking as compared to the demand. A study by KPMG in India and Google has suggested that the country's online education market is set to grow to USD 196 billion and around USD 96 million users by 2021.

Startups are constantly trying to provide holistic digital education to the generation that will shape the nation in the future. In this endeavour, FotonVR, a start-up based in Gujarat, provides comprehensive solutions on digital education that provides a healthy balance of learning and fun.

Simplifying Digital Education
To better the quality of learning for the students, FotonVR ensures that learning is beyond just books. And thus, the start-up comes up with a solution for the schools by providing VR classrooms/ labs and for kids to make them learn from home. The content designers in FotonVR's team draft stories for science virtual tours. The teams then design virtual worlds and objects for the stories. The 3D designer team creates animations and makes them ready for the testing team.

Further, FotonVR provides STEM content for science topics for classes 1 to 10 for ICSE or NCERT/CBSE syllabus. For the schools, FotonVR provides a turnkey solution that includes the hardware, setting up the classroom, software, content, and training to teachers. After one time installation, schools can access the VR content offline. FotonVR application supports multiple hard-wares like Oculus, Cardboard and other stand alone devices like PICO and DPVR.

The start-up understands, reviews, and works on the aspects of the student learning processes that bring a change in the 360-degree content. "We provide 3D, animated
walk-through interactive virtual tours which give a feeling of an actual environment," says Mr. Vijay Thakkar, Cofounder, and VP, FotonVR.

Becoming Future Ready
The path to providing quality and equal access to Digital education, the vision was set by some of the best minds, namely, Vijay Thakkar who is an Instrumentation engineer, Mayur Patel who currently serves as the co-founder and VP of Operations, Mehul Patel who is the VP of Technology and manages all the technical development, Dhava Sonpal who is a commerce graduate and knew how to steer the ship in rough times and has been handling the Finance sector. The top-notch leaders have successfully bagged an impressive list of clients including many schools currently on boarded and reseller partners in India and foreign countries.

Vijay Thakkar, Co-founder & VP of Business,Mayur Patel, Co- founder & VP of Operations
Team Foton VR

But what is changing the stride for this start-up is that more and more Government schools are taking interest in digital education products and FotonVR is spearheading this change. FotonVR has created almost more than 500 virtual tours, there-by simplifying the complex topics. FotonVR has developed a Multi-Language supported platform which makes them able to provide VR content in multiple regional and foreign languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati. Such efforts to provide quality EdTech back in 2017 have seen some of the phenomenal accolades coming their way.

This start-up was shortlisted in the National Start-up award 2020, was also awarded in the National Conference in e-governance of India and has been awarded the Best Startup of Gujarat awarded by the Gujarat CM in 2018. Currently, the company is providing its services to 16 countries and in the near future it has a target to expand in 40 countries.