Fox Cabs: A 24*7 Cab Service Provider

  Akhil Agarwal,  Founder

Akhil Agarwal, CEO

The grail of building an identity, the desire to build and own an entity fomented Akhil Agarwal to redefine his lineal business and put in place a top-tier logistic firm-Fox Cabs. Through this venture, he aimed to provide a 24*7 cab service and settle the various issues related to the intercity cab services. It can be counted amongst the few companies in Jaipur to launch an online portal and soon to launch an application in Google Play store. Thus, Fox Cabs is a transportation platform that provides reliable services to both personal and corporate clients and has made renting vehicles much easier and quicker.

Akhil has to his name extreme knowledge about this domain. He has inherited it from his family who have been into this business for the last 40 years. With such strong strapping and positive underwrite, he instituted a firm that renders local rental, intercity and outstation services. Identifying and analyzing the growing mice sector in Rajasthan
and need of professional logistics management, compelled him to ponder about the need to streamline its operation by dovetailing with MICE- a niche tourism platform that is dedicated to planning, booking and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events. And with Rajasthan becoming a hub for major events like a destination wedding and tourism, the demand for companies like Fox Cabs has increased tremendously which has to a great extent benefitted it to thrive like an arrow from a bow. “Being born out of a 40-year-old company, Shri Mangal Tours And Travels Pvt Ltd has gained us a unique position in the market. With the big name comes big responsibility. I’m putting all my heart and soul to keep alive the trust authenticity of the legacy that I’m carrying forward of Fox cabs,” states Akhil.

Fox Cabs has devised a strategy to keep itself well equipped with technology, keep itself updated with the latest trends in the industry in order to address the knotty competition in the market

Fox Cabs has devised a strategy to keep itself well equipped with technology, keep itself updated with the latest trends in the industry in order to address the knotty competition in the market. To maintain their distinctness, the firm is also catering management services as well.
“Whatever we do, we try to incorporate maximum use of technology. We have put into practice Logistic management which is aiding us to stay ahead of other companies,” he avers.

The company is backed by a proficient team. Their structure, working system, inputs, and responsibility have decided on the functionalism of the company. They have put in great efforts in building this ideal logistic firm and are still collaborating to accomplish the company’s objectives. To keep them motivated Fox Cabs maintains a very healthy and friendly workplace environment. “At Fox Cabs we have given ample freedom to our employees and also encourage them to share and avail their knowledge, thoughts, suggestions and innovative ideas,” the voices.

Complying with the proverb hard work is the only key to success; Fox Cab has made great onward movements. It has grown twice the time of what it was at the beginning. A team of four has dilated to 15 which now administer about 50 events per year. As far as its MICE services are concerned, it has partnered with many major events like Rajasthan Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, and many other huge organizations. The company transports over 100000 tourists in a year and provides services to 10 cities in Rajasthan. Further, it aims to launch itself on the international platform. To become a technology-equipped company is the utmost objective of the company. “I vision my company to be one of the leading Logistic companies in India”, he concludes.