Fraazo: Farm Fresh Produce Directly From Farmers

Atul Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Vikas Dosala, Co-founder & COO,Sumit Rai, Co-founder & CTO, Aashish Krishnatre, Co-founder

Atul Kumar

Co-founder & CEO

The Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) sector has been greatly disrupted as a result of increased internet usage and changing consumer behavior. India has 750 million Smartphone users and there were 150 Mn+ online shoppers in 2020 alone. This has opened up a slew of opportunities for entrepreneurs to disrupt existing businesses, while also empowering the customers. Subsequently, customers have become aware of different products in the markets and are seeking convenience.

They are not ready to compromise on quality or service, particularly when it comes to food, because it affects their overall health. This shift in customer behavior has opened up a whole new space for companies like Fraazo that are hellbent on rendering the finest produce to the customers.

Fraazo is one of India's fastest growing quick commerce startups, on a mission to deliver farm fresh fruits and vegetables to every Indian household on a daily basis, ordered from the comfort of their homes. Offering fresh produce is its forte and it sticks to its 'one-touch delivery' model, which assures that all orders are delivered safely and hygienically within 12 hours from farm to fork.

By disrupting the fresh produce segment through their end to end supply chain, Fraazo has made delivering farm fresh produce a seamless and valuable experience. Our dedication extends not only to the quality of our products and services but also to the long term viability of our company. Our priority is to reduce food waste, use
environmentally friendly materials, and create a happy environment for our delivery partners so that they can complete every delivery with a smile," signifies Atul Kumar, Co-founder & CEO.

Fraazo is the first company in India to pioneer the concept of 'dark stores' in the fruits and vegetable sector. To improve the consumer experience, they work relentlessly to reduce the distance between these dark stores and assure the freshness quotient of the product through extensive quality checks. “We didn’t opt for existing norms in the industry like building large warehouses and establishing a cold supply chain. Instead, we adopted a dark store based model and delivery of fresh products directly instead of storing them and this has worked wonders for us,” emphasizes Vikas Dosala, Co-founder & COO.

Fraazo was established not only to provide the highest-quality products to consumers but also to share the business's benefits with its most crucial partner, the Indian farmer. Thousands of farmers have formed long term partnerships with the firm, which is based on trust and reliability. The way they sow and harvest fruits and vegetables based on Fraazo's insights and market forecasts is a testament to their strong relationship.

Fraazo was established not only to provide the highest-quality products to consumers but also to share the business's benefits with its most crucial partner, the Indian farmer

People spend a significant amount of time each day shopping for fruits and vegetables. The issue is that both the farmer and the client are obliged to make compromises. Farmers are not being paid a fair price, and the end-user must pay a premium price for these products. Perfectly understanding the requirement, the founding members of Fraazo were enthralled by these challenges and the enormous possibility that lay ahead of them.

“We were certain that if we could overcome some of the teething challenges, this business would have the potential to scale fast. So we were convinced that with the right understanding of consumers, apt technology, and the ability to look at everything from a new lens –we were best placed to solve these problems,” says Aashish Krishnatre, Co-founder.

Fraazo is expanding at a swift pace, processing over a million orders every month and serving most of India's major cities. Further, the company intends to reach 10 million monthly orders in the following 12- 18 months. “Farmer involvement, establishing a stronger connection with our existing customers, an integrated supply chain for a broader range of products, and developing AI/ML capabilities to optimize forecasting and planning are our primary priority areas going forward,” concludes Sumit Rai, Co-founder & CTO.