Fracaso Smart Tech: Bridging Traditional Healing & Modern Technology for Holistic Wellness

Santosh Nath,  Founder

Santosh Nath


Due to busy lifestyles and a growing awareness of healthy eating, direct-toconsumer (D2C) startups have become increasingly popular in various industries, including the food and beverage sector. Fracaso Smart Tech, a food and beverage D2C startup, is tackling the negative effects of junk food and toxic chemicals on the body by offering healthy, high-quality, and convenient food options that can be delivered to consumers. Fracaso's mission is to detoxify and reduce the negative effects of junk food and toxic chemicals by combining traditional F&B ingredients with Artificial Intelligence. The company aims to increase the potency of its products while also creating food that can enhance the body's pH and enzyme levels. Fracaso's innovative approach to delivering healthy and affordable food options is an excellent example of how D2C startups are transforming the food and beverage industry to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Established in 2022 in Hyderabad, the firm was founded to address preventable diseases caused by poor food processing practices, which are often driven by a profitcentric approach. “Our company has a mission to detoxify and reduce the harmful effects of junk food and toxic chemicals by infusing traditional Indian knowledge and nature-based healing systems that have existed since ancient times but have not been effectively utilized along with the power of Artificial Intelligence.
This approach aims to increase the potency of these items manifold, making them more effective in supporting the body's natural detoxification and enzyme production process. Our AI-powered machine uses Ayurvedic principles to identify a person's Dosha by scanning their tongue and then delivering a customized herbal tea in accordance with that determination. This can be done using any smartphone or tablet”, speaks Santosh Nath, Founder, Fracaso.

Using herbs as a minimal cleansing method, Fracaso Smart Tech strives to give quick solutions for busy lifestyles. “Our herbal teas are formulated based on the optimal functionality of organs at different times of the day and we also offer a vending machine with AI-powered capabilities that identify body types for proper consumption of the products. The herbal tea vending machine offers morning, afternoon, and evening options for energizing, proper metabolism, digestion, and detoxification”, says Santosh. The USP of the firm lies in its unique approach to tea consumption. While traditional teas are frequently brewed with green tea leaves, which have addictive caffeine and can cause headaches and nausea when drunk infrequently, the company's herbal teas are made using technologydriven principles to determine the unique demands of the customers' bodies.

Fracaso empowers individuals to make sustainable choices for a healthy lifestyle, rather than following restrictive diets or exercise regimens, to achieve balance & well-being

Santosh Nath, the founder of Fracaso, is a visionary committed to promoting alternative healing and providing individuals with tools to understand their lives better. His mission led to the creation of Fracaso's innovative products to improve people's lives. With a uniquely Indian perspective, Fracaso's machinery and components are tailored to meet the needs of its consumers. The company has a team of experts in various fields, including research and development, mechanical design, organic medicine, and biochemical engineering.

Fracaso aims to become a leading player in the market, meeting the changing demands of health-conscious consumers. The firm's plans are ambitious, aiming to install around 100 herbal tea vending machines by the year-end in various IT corridors, large corporate offices, and busy public areas where herbal teas are in high demand. Furthermore, it seeks to expand to all major metropolitan cities, starting with Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. With a commitment to enhancing people's lives through its innovative approach, the firm is confident that it can positively impact the wellness industry.