Fractional CMO: Powering the Growth Engine for Tech Companies

Shreyansh Surana & Rahul Mehta,,Co-FoundersShreyansh Surana and Rahul Mehta met each for other for the first time at a leading SaaS based CRM company stationed out of Hyderabad. Shreyansh was then involved in technology marketing and Rahul was managing the CRM/MA product development.

Being in the respective domain for more than a decade, their attention caught the changing technological trends that were diversifying the ways on how marketing was perceived. Identifying that as MarTech has become a matured practice with the inclusion of various tools & tactics, still there seemed to be a scarcity of companies who were able to imbibe the tools together for ensuring consistent growth for the firms, especially to the startups.

Noticing the dire need of startups to build & scale their marketing programs, they both decided to help them out. Hence, over a long series of meetings & discussions over numerous coffee breaks, Fractional CMO forayed into the MarkTech arena.

“Prior to starting Fractional CMO, we both were helping companies to build their power growth engine. Noticing the huge gap in providing marketing services especially for
startups as they were already facing issues like required skill sets, proper knowledge,learning curve & others, we decided to venture into the marketing technology space, leveraging our of experience in this domain,” speaks Shreyansh Surana, Principal Consultant & Co-Founder.

Emerged with the unique value proposition ‘making marketing easy’, Fractional CMO prefers itself to be called as a marketing partner rather than a marketing agency

Makes Marketing Easy with Unique Offerings
Emerged with the unique value proposition ‘making marketing easy’, Fractional CMO prefers itself to be called as a marketing partner rather than a marketing agency. With the firm decision of gaining much interest in the clients business and adding value beyond basic marketing, Fractional CMO today stands as a marketing partner to the SaaS-based companies & technology startups and takes ownership of their end-to-end marketing that includes both the Inbound & Outbound marketing.

Helping the clients to track their growth opportunity by using the three-step approach viz.- 'Grow the traffic, Convert Visitors into Leads & Measure their marketing success’, Fractional CMO as a technology driven marketing solution company endeavours to achieve the client’s business goal.
The major services offered by the company include Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization, SEO, Lead Generation, Nurturing Campaigns, CRM and Marketing Automation management, Online Brand Reputation and more. “We not only help the customers in setting up their marketing programs but also assist them with product expansion & business strategies,” avers Rahul Mehta, Principal Consultant & Co-Founder, Fractional CMO. He further adds, “Unplugging the growth engine of the startups by using the digital marketing services at a fraction of a cost.”

Revenue Generation as the Next Big Thing
Hyderabad headquartered Fractional CMO is the among the top HubSpot Certified partners in the country. The company has been able to on board more than 10 technology companies and manages their end-to-end online marketing services in a span of just 6 months. Recently, it has signed off with a company that already has its presence for over two decades. It is spinning off a new division of analytics for it and has set up the inbound as well as outbound processes for gaining high-quality leads. Growing steadily with an employee count of 15 people team, Fractional CMO has forayed into the US, UAE & the Indian markets. Explaining on the expansion plans, Shreyansh concludes, “We want to be a data-driven company that helps to generate revenue for our clients. Soon we are exploring to build the necessary tools that can help businesses generate more revenue through online marketing channels.