Frais Farms: Cultivating Exotic Produce of the Finest Caliber

Shashank & Khushboo Agarwal ,   FoundersThe Hydroponics market in India is experiencing significant growth due to increasing awareness of sustainable agriculture practices. Factors such as health consciousness, water scarcity, urbanization, and demand for clean, pesticide-free produce are driving this trend. Additionally, the rising demand for fresh produce is fueling investor interest and innovation in the Indian Hydroponics market, making it a promising growth avenue for agriculture in the country. However, ensuring clean, contamination-free produce remains a persistent challenge with a lack of transparency regarding vegetable sourcing and growth environments. Success in this field hinges on the rigorous maintenance of stringent hygiene standards, necessitating continuous vigilance and enhancements in the sector.

Amidst the flourishing hydroponics landscape in India, Frais Farms has emerged as a formidable player, dedicated to delivering fresh and safe to-consume vegetables, effectively bridging the gap between farm and plate throughout Mumbai. The core emphasis of the firm lies in maintaining impeccable quality standards, ensuring safety, hygiene, nutrition, and freshness. Frais Farms embarked on its journey in 2018, fueled by a passion for clean vegetable cultivation. Co-founders Khushboo and Shashank began this endeavor as a passion project, nurturing it from its humble beginnings. Over the years, their dedication led to significant growth, starting with small-scale operations and gradually expanding to deliver across Mumbai. Initially supplying limited quantities of vegetables, positive responses spurred their efforts, ultimately leading to the establishment of a new bigger farm. “Our focus centers on cultivating
premium hydroponic produce and preserving its freshness until it reaches the customer, akin to the experience of harvesting it from one's own farm", adds Khushboo.

Frais Farms' hydroponically grown produce offers a myriad of benefits. Cultivated in a controlled and protected environment, these plants boast NO chemical insecticides or pesticides usage in comparison to traditional soil-grown products, ensuring food safety. The utilization of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water eliminates the risk of waterborne diseases, enhancing the overall safety of the produce. Owing to the controlled environment, Frais Farms is able to grow vegetables, herbs and microgreens year-round, utilizing significantly less water and minimizing wastage. This stress free cultivation environment leads to higher product quality, increased nutrient density, and superior taste. Frais Farms' commitment to ethical farming practices and customer satisfaction underscores its dedication to delivering the finest produce. The extensive range of Exotic produce of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs and micro greens, including unique varieties not commonly found in local markets, further reinforces its drive to provide fresh, diverse, and innovative options to its valued customers. With meticulous research on consumer behavior, consumer taste, nutritional benefits and quality control, the firm ensures that only the best products reach its consumers.

Journey of Excellence
The odyssey of Frais Farms, which began in 2018, was marked by trailblazing efforts in hydroponics, a field with limited expertise and resources at the time. Khushboo and Shashank embarked on a learning curve, navigating uncharted waters independently. Doing business in India's predominantly rural agricultural landscape presented unique challenges, with initial skepticism and resistance from local communities. The COVID-19 pandemic presented another formidable challenge. The pandemic forced them to adapt rapidly, with the co-founders personally delivering produce to Mumbai, ensuring uninterrupted supply during a critical period. Despite challenges from local communities with regards to adaptation of new agricultural practices, Frais Farms managed to open up the communities with training them in hydroponics, making them understand benefits of ethical agriculture. Today, they stand with us being our biggest support. Frais Farms proudly has more than 90 Percent tribal employees from the villages nearby working everyday with the company.

Frais Farms’ current focus has been on opening its new farm and expanding offerings. While hydroponics is still its major focus, the company wants to grow a variety of Indian veggies to meet the growing demand for clean, pesticide-free food. Frais Farms also intends to supply innovative, chef-driven restaurants by collaborating on new dishes incorporating its exotic produce.

“Our overarching vision is to provide a nutritious meal for everyone, fostering happiness and health from employees and farm workers to consumers. Hydroponics serves as a stepping stone toward this long-term goal, facilitating access to healthy food for all while carving a path for innovative agriculture in India”, concludes Shashank.