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  • 10 Best Aeroponics & Hydroponics Startups - 2023

    Explore & embrace the new concepts of Aeroponics & Hydroponics as well as B2B & B2C Market Agricultural science has come-up with a new and advanced tactics of growing crops which are getting quite popular these days, which are Aeroponics and Hydroponics. Aeroponics and hydroponics are interlinked with each other, they are similar systems developed to offer sustainable alternatives of growing food. When it comes to commercial farming, Hydroponics farming is an exciting movement in the field of commercial agriculture. Hydroponics farming method includes 80 percent lesser consumption of water than traditional farming methods. Hydroponics farming in India is a fast-growing sector which plays an effective role in urban farming. Aeroponics System is also coming forth in many...

10 Best Aeroponics & Hydroponics Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Farm Fetch Greens Farm Fetch Greens Kishor Vaswani, Co-Founder & CEO Promotes the produce yielded through Hydroponic farming. Pesticide free veggies and greens are of high demand and often considered as extravagant nourishment. With Hydroponics, chemicals and pesticides can be completely eliminated as they don't use soil and bring the western veggies and herbs to your kitchen
Frais Farms Frais Farms Shashank & Khushboo Agarwal , Founders Dedicated to delivering fresh and safe-to-consume vegetables, effectively bridging the gap between farm and plate. The core emphasis of the firm lies in maintaining impeccable quality standards, ensuring safety, hygiene, nutrition, and freshness
Greenlyf Greenlyf Arun J Holla & Arvind Narayanan, Founders Greenlyfe stands out as India’s first and premier hydroponic producer. With over a decade of experience and dedicated research of the hydroponic and aeroponic agricultural advancements, Greenlyfe champions health, sustainability, and innovation through its zero pesticide process
Gronatura Gronatura Hariharan Iyer, Founder An efficient agriculture consultancy, working in an ethical and balanced manner to earn the privilege of being the 'consultant of choice'. They have expertise in developing growth strategies, sustainable agribusiness, operational efficiency and integration of stakeholders that helps to create tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the agriculture
Growloc Growloc Shanu Kumar & Sanket Jiwane, Co-Founders Emerges as a trailblazing solution provider, offering data-driven agriculture, end-to-end automation, and tailored crop management. It specializes in controlled environment farming, encompassing hydroponics, eroponics, aquaponics, and various, poly house systems
Inhydro Inhydro Awneesh Kumar Yadav, Founder Offers a complete solution from Technology Innovation and R&D, feasibility studies, farm design & site planning, project management, training & consulting, farm operation & maintenance to agronomy support in commercial hydroponic farms or small home/rooftop growing setups
Lettuce 'n' Choy Lettuce 'n' Choy Dr. Mayura Dange, Founder & Director Aiming to provide the best quality, fresh produce, ready salads and other food products while ensuring commitment to food safety, best customer service, environmental sustainability & social responsibility
Nutrient Co Nutrient Co Arpit Jain, Founder They have come-up with the idea of making pesticide free freshest produce available to one and all by allowing to grow own greens at homes. Growing exotic leafy vegetables, herbs and some medicinal plants in a controlled environment which is free from any kind of pests
 Nutrifresh Farm Tech India Nutrifresh Farm Tech India Sanket Mehta, CEO With cutting-edge technology and advanced farming mechanisms, they are changing the landscape of Indian farming. They employ advanced technology to monitor, analyse, and control five key factors essential for plant growth: electrical conductivity, pH, temperature, humidity, and light intensity
 Rootnshoots Rootnshoots Abhishek, Founder A leading hydroponics service company, revolutionising plant cultivation by harnessing soilless cultivation techniques using nutrient rich water as a medium to grow residue free crops. Provide sustainable agricultural solutions that reduce water usage, energy costs, and capital expenditure while promoting high-tech farming