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  • 10 Best B2B Marketplace Startups - 2023

    Explore & embrace the new concepts of Aeroponics & Hydroponics as well as B2B & B2C Market Agricultural science has come-up with a new and advanced tactics of growing crops which are getting quite popular these days, which are Aeroponics and Hydroponics. Aeroponics and hydroponics are interlinked with each other, they are similar systems developed to offer sustainable alternatives of growing food. When it comes to commercial farming, Hydroponics farming is an exciting movement in the field of commercial agriculture. Hydroponics farming method includes 80 percent lesser consumption of water than traditional farming methods. Hydroponics farming in India is a fast-growing sector which plays an effective role in urban farming. Aeroponics System is also coming forth in many...

10 Best B2B Marketplace Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Dhandhaa Dhandhaa Alok Tiwari, Founder Elevating the chances for retail possibilities in B2B landscape, the company provide one-stop buying solution to retailers through digital platform. They offer app that enables the retailers to buy wholesale goods in B2B model directly from manufacturers
Fabian Biz India Fabian Biz India Ramsik V. & Irfan Ahamed, Co-founders & Directors Digitizing the B2B grocery landcape in the market, the company provides online & offline platform for all B2B grocery purchase. They offer mobile app for iOS & android users that allows the grocery owners to browse product catalog, view real time prices & place orders from store
Goldsetu Goldsetu Anuj Sachdev, Co-Founder Empowering the un-organized jewellery retailers, the company is one-stop B2B jewellery platform. Through their digital platform, retailers can buy the latest designs of gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery from the exclusive collection of 50,000+ unique designs under various catagories
Gropare Gropare Anuj Sachdev, Co-Founder Bringing the finest in agricultural expertise and innovative technology, the company provides B2B platform to deliver fresh harvest-to-retail fruits in the industry. They offer unique Android App for retailers which enables them to check and make decisions on fruits focused on quality & price
Jewele Market Jewele Market Ritesh Barbhaya, Founder & CEO Facilitating connections within the jewellery industry, the company provides B2B online wholesale fashion jewellery platform. The platform act as a direct digital marketplace for connecting buyers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, re-sellers with trusted manufacturers and designers
Nkosh Nkosh Ashutosh Tiwari, Founder & CEO Aiming to revolutionize the agriculture sector in India, the company provides a one-stop digital solution for agri-businesses. They offer tech-based platform where sellers and buyers can get an access to a wider market segments and updates on various agri products
OnlyIndianMake OnlyIndianMake Rahul Mantharachalam, Founder Bridging the gap in small businesses, the company provides tech-driven B2B reselling platform. They offer products in diverse categories, including lifestyle, electronics, home, kitchen, staples, pharma, toys, general merchandise and so on
Prolance Services Prolance Services Rama Harinath K, Founder Making the design process simple, accurate and effortless, the company provides intelligent platform for extraordinary designs. The platform offers complete details of designs, generate quotes easily, create renders and realistic visuals, end-to-end project management and so on
Relcube India Relcube India Puneet Jain, Founder & CEO Constructing online market platform that serves thousands of customers every day, the company is associated with people as business partners across India. Their current running distribution business includes retail shops, repaire furbishing centers for mobile phones, laptops, smart devices and so on
Vitran Vitran Subodh Diwan, Co-Founder Building a unique ecosystem for native enterprenuers, the company provides largest AI powered distribution platform. The platform enables the distributors to get high profit for their products & services, with low capital requirement and earn best ROI in industry